A Wild Night of Lust, Love and Sex

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There she stood, staring at him from the doorway. She was dressed to kill, so stunning that he could hardly take his eyes off her. “Can I help you?” he squeaked. Without saying a word she glided towards him. His heart began to race as she neared his chair. She was wearing sexy black lingerie and clack strappy heals which showed off her legs. As she got closer his eyes traveled from her legs, up her stomach to her breasts which were accented in lace, and onto her eyes. Her entire body was sparkling with lust he couldn’t explain and she was dragging him in. Grabbing his hands she pulled him out of his chair and led him over to the bed. Unable to contain himself any longer he spun her around and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

His hands traveled down to the small of her back. Teasing her he started slowly pulling up her lingerie, first exposing her entire thigh before revealing the small slinky sexy black lace thong she was wearing as a surprise. It was his favorite thong, the one with the diamond key placed right below the small of her back. His fingers were light and soft, running all over her as if searching for the right combination to her soul. His kiss was intoxicating, forcing her to give in to his every want and desire. He broke off long enough to expose her luscious breasts, first the right, then the left; his hands feeling every inch of her skin, taking in all her beauty. Every inch of his body was screaming for her, wanting to be in her. Slowly she let her hands fall from his back to the zipper on his jeans. With ease she unzipped his pants and with one swift movement slid his pants down to his ankles, exposing his huge erection from in his boxer shorts.

Slowly she started massaging, causing all his senses to go into over drive. He could barely keep standing as her lips closed around him, sucking as if he was a hard candy. Feeling his reaction she smiled, moving back and forth, back and forth. His knees began to buckle as he reached for the mattress; “oh my god” he whispered “that’s amazing”. She made a little moan, causing him to grow. Deeper and deeper she went, sucking harder and fast. He could barely contain himself, watching her move with such passion.

His hands casino siteleri began to wander around her body, reaching for anything that would show her how good it felt. Massaging his way around her back and neck she let out a small moan, causing yet another pulse from his erection. “Damn that feels good” he whispered. Unable to contain the feeling any longer he reached for her luscious breasts, teasing her nipples. In one swift motion, he flipped her onto her back and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth to taste everything about her. She grabbed the back of his head, begging him not to stop. Grinning he slowly kissed every inch of her, traveling from her lips to her neck and then down to her breasts. Her nipples perked, swelling with excitement. She was going wild. “So unfair” she said. “What…” he answered, grinning up as her “of you mean this?” he said, flicking the softest part of her nipple with his tongue.

Her pussy exploded with emotions, sending a clear tingling sensation through her body. Goose bumps began to form, causing every feeling to deepen within her. His hands massaged their way down to her thong, slowly moving it aside and with one movement he slipped inside her. She stared into his eyes with this longing to feel more. Thrusting, he moved in and out, feeling the pleasure wash all over him. She was even better inside they he could have imagined “oh my god you feel so good” he said in almost a grunt. His eyes rolled back into his head with enjoyment as he listened to her moan and squeak with every ounce of ecstasy. “Harder” she screamed. Smiling he pounded her like never before. Bounding up and down till every inch of his body was itching to explode in her.

She could feel the swelling and knew what it meant. “Oh, not yet…not yet… please don’t stop!” in a split second she decided to change things up. She wasn’t ready for it to be over and knew she needed to change pace. She wrapped one leg around his waist and the other around his back. With a single flip he was on his back staring up at her. “Didn’t know I was that sneaky, did you?” she whispered in his ear before taking a small, soft nibble. Without saying anything he grabbed the back of her canlı casino neck and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss. Her body melted as he thrust again and again into her. Wave after wave of emotions and ecstasy rushed through her as her body mimicked his. She sat up, allowing him to plunge deeper and deeper into her. Grabbing the top of her bed she rode, up and down, forcing his erection to grow and expand.

Her body was glistening. Seconds felt like hours and minutes became lifetimes. Her voice was high pitched as she let out a whimper of enjoyment. Every inch of her body was tingling, reacting to his in every way imaginable. Up and down she rode, continuing to not only tease but dish out more pleasure then he ever thought possible. All of the sudden she stopped, frozen in time as she exploded with joy. Never had he felt such an orgasm. Her pussy vibrated with every thrust, unable to stand it any longer she screamed “OH MY GOD DON’T STOP!!! DON’T EVER STOP!!!” he couldn’t resist, he had to have her right then and there. Giving one more good thrust he erupted inside her, spilling every ounce of pleasure into her. He grabbed hold of her butt and held her tight against him, pulsing and vibrating without end.

Then for a split second everything went dark. She sat there, breathing heavy, allowing her heart to slow. She looked down at him, smiling she couldn’t believe what she was feeling “again?” she thought “already?” he was still huge, stuck inside her wanting more. She leaned down and whispered in his ear “that was amazing. I can’t wait to see what you do next”. He opened his eyes. It took him a second to focus back on her, but then he smiled his devilish smile. The grin that told her she was able to get the ride of her life and there was nothing she could do about it. He grabbed her shoulders and flipped her over. Lying on top of her, he began kissing her neck, handing once again wandering around her body. They were upon her breast, caressing and teasing, trying to ensure the excitement remain. Bending to his will she gave in to him completely, becoming his in every way. His hands continues to explore her body “I want to try something” he whispered. “Anything” she replied, kaçak casino letting out a breath. It was at that point he realized that he could do whatever he wanted; he had her now and forever.

Rolling her onto her stomach she felt his still huge erection plunge back into her as his hands began massaging. She let out a moan, enjoying this new position. It was something they had never tried before, but was fast becoming her favorite position to be in. Each thrust was deeper, harder and more pleasant then the last. His eyes once again rolled back into his head as he gripped the bed frame, moving back and forth as hard as he could. Without hesitation he let out a growl, causing her to melt under his muscular thighs. “Bite me…” she screamed “and don’t stop”. His eyes lit up as he let out another growl, leaned down to her neck and bit, hard.

Harder and harder he dug his teeth in. He had been holding back, afraid to give himself completely, afraid he would hurt her. With each growl he let more and more of his pent up lust go. The bed started to move back and forth with every thrust, banging the wall with a force she had never experience before. He let out another deep growl, grabbing her neck and sinking his teeth in again. He could taste a hint of her blood, flooding his system with an erotic sensation he had never felt before. “oh my god…YES!!!’ she screamed.

Then it happened. The loss of control he had feared so much. Unable to stop he tore into her neck, forcing her to wince from the unexpected pain and pleasure. He knew the hickey he was leaving was going to be enormous but he didn’t care. Nothing mattered except for the enjoyment he was giving her. For the longest time he had wanted her and now he had her and he never wanted it to stop. With each thrust of his body and vibration of hers he felt a part of her within him. Every inch of her body was tingling with more force then she could stand. She twisted just that little bit to see him smiling at her; his eyes intoxicating. “I love you” she said before kissing him ever so gently. That little gentle touch of her lips and that ounce of compassion and love is all it took for him to finally satisfy his hunger. He flipped her over onto her back, wanting so badly to see her face. With one final thrust he released all his sexual tension and lust. Wave after wave flowed through him into her. Locked together in bliss he stared down at her. “I love you too” he whispered…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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