A Smoky Night At The Theatre

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It had been a long time since I had met a woman who shared my smoking fetish. So as I set off to a local theatre to watch an amateur dramatic society’s version of A Midsummer Nights Dream that thought was a long way from my mind. However as I stood in the foyer before the performance having a cool glass of wine I couldn’t help looking around to see which women were smoking.

For as long as I could remember I have always been turned on by women smoking and have met a few who have shared this fetish with some very sexy and pleasurable experiences. My eyes gazed around to see several women enjoying a cigarette before the performance started. Not wishing to sound snobbish but as it was a Shakespearian play you tended to get a better class of person.

After a few minutes I went in the auditorium and took my seat. It was a reasonable but not outstanding performance and after about an hour the curtain came down for the interval. I made my way out to the bar and got a glass of white wine. Once again I glanced around and watched women enjoying a cigarette and quite a few took my fancy and I feasted my eyes on them as they inhaled and exhaled.

Two women came and stood about six feet away from me and I was pleased when they took their cigarettes out. One was short and dumpy and quite plain. The other was tall, attractive and wore glasses. As they lit their cigarettes I immediately noticed the tall one using french inhales to smoke and would then turn her head and blow a long plume of blue smoke through the centre of her lips. I thought to myself, here is a woman I could watch all night. The two of them chatted and whenever the tall one put the cigarette to her lips I made sure I was watching.

At one time she saw me looking at her and I looked away. As I looked back at her she smiled and put the cigarette between her lips and took a deep inhale on it. Our eyes locked together for an instant and she turned her head slightly but continued looking at me as she exhaled. We were playing games with each other with our eyes. She continued talking to her friend but whenever she smoked she looked my way and I was always looking at her.

After a few minutes she had finished her cigarette and her friend walked away presumably to go to the ladies. We continued our drinks and both looked around but our eyes would then come back to each other. She put her drink down and reached for her cigarettes and took one out. She slowly and deliberately put the cigarette in between her lips and then put the packet back down. As she reached for her lighter I took the two steps necessary to reach her, put out my hand for the lighter and said, ‘May I?.’ She handed me the lighter and I lifted it to the cigarette. I flicked it and the flame shot out.

For an instant she looked down to make sure she was getting the light. Then she looked me in the eyes. My eyes dropped the couple of inches güvenilir bahis to see her inhale and then immediately blow the smoke out alongside the cigarette. Then she took a deep inhale, took the cigarette out of her mouth, turned her head slightly a blew a long blue plume to the right of my face. I breathed deeply through my nose and took in the wonderful aroma of her exhaled smoke.

We made small talk and I asked how she was enjoying the play and she said that she was only there to accompany her friend and quite honestly Shakespeare was not her scene. Her friend returned and they spoke quietly so that I couldn’t hear them. Her friend turned and smiled as she walked passed me and went into the auditorium. She continued to smoke in between our chatting. I was fascinated as she used French inhales each time.

When she exhaled she directed the smoke only inches from my face and she could see quite clearly that I took a deep breath and inhaled her exhaled smoke. People were beginning to return to the auditorium for the second half until we were the only two remaining. A steward came up and said we had to return to our seats straight away. She replied, ‘We’re not returning for the second half.’ She turned to me said, ‘Are we.’ I smiled and said, ‘No we’re not.’

I asked her if she wanted another drink and she said she wanted a glass of Chardonnay. I went to the bar and bought two glasses. When I turned round she had moved and was sitting at a table in the corner. I walked over and sat down opposite her. Her cigarette packet and lighter were on the table in front of her. She said, ‘My name is Becky.’ I said, ‘I’m Robert.’ I reached out and we shook hands. We made small talk for a few minutes and then she said, ‘I’d like another cigarette.’ I picked up the packet and handed them to her.

She took one out and put it in between her lips. She let it hang there until I picked up the lighter. She looked me straight in the eyes as she bent down to meet the lighter. She took a short inhale to light the cigarette then once alight exhaled with the cigarette still in between her lips. I stared at this very sexy sight. Then she took a deep inhale, opened her mouth and let huge white plume slip from her mouth and she inhaled directly up her nose. We didn’t speak.

She simply put on an exhibition of sexy smoking and as she exhaled long plumes of blue smoke near me I inhaled deeply. She saw what I was doing and after a couple of minutes started exhaling straight into my face. I opened my mouth and took it in. We never spoke a word while she was smoking. We simply both enjoyed the experience. When she had finished and put out the stub she said, ‘You enjoyed that as much as I did, didn’t you.’ I told her I did. She then said, ‘You’re the first man I’ve met since my husband died who has a smoking fetish.’

‘You see, he was a smoking fetishist so as soon as I saw you in türkçe bahis the foyer I knew about you. I know what effect my smoking was having on you and I enjoyed the way it made me feel. I love smoking sexily for a male who appreciates seeing me smoke. I enjoy the pleasure of smoking but I also enjoy the power it gives me over men watching me. My late husband would masturbate while he watched me smoke and it turned me on at the same time.

I told her I had been a smoking fetishist from a young age and over the years I had met a number of women who shared my addiction but they were very few. We carried on chatting and after a few minutes she said, ‘One more cigarette and then would you like to give me a lift home.’ I said I would. She stood up and said, ‘First I need the ladies.’ When she returned I saw she had put some fresh lipstick on. She was pleased when I commented that I liked it.

‘Pass me a cigarette please,’ she said. I reached for the pack and opened it. She took one out and put it in between her lovely red lips. She looked into my eyes as I just looked at the cigarette hanging from her lips. I was in no hurry and after a minute or so I reached for the lighter. I flicked it alight and offered it to her. She reached out for my hand and held it tight as she lit up.

This time she exhaled directly at me. Her smoking was a variety of French inhales, deep exhales and nostril exhales but all directed at me. In between she said ‘This is making me very horny, if you’re anything like my late husband you’ll have an erection.’ I smiled and said, ‘How did you guess.’ She really did go through every single combination of inhaling and exhaling.

When she took the cigarette from her mouth I could see the tip was clearly covered with lipstick stains. She finished her cigarette and our drinks and stood and left. She reached out for my hand and we walked to my car. She sat beside me and told me where she lived. It was about twenty minutes away and chatted as if we had known each other ages. We arrived at her house and went in.

We went into the lounge and she handled me a bottle of wine and said, ‘I’m just going to change into something more appropriate.’ After a few minutes she returned. She had put fresh make up on which included heavy bright red lipstick. She was wearing a thin blouse and long summery skirt with buttons up the front. I handed her a glass of wine and she smiled and said jokingly, ‘Do you know, I think I feel like having a cigarette, you don’t mind do you.’ I replied, ‘No. not all, I think that’s a good idea.’ She sat on a sofa and pointed to an armchair and said, ‘Pull that up close and sit opposite me.’

I pulled it so it was almost touching the sofa and she unbuttoned her skirt and exposed quite a lot of thigh although I couldn’t quite see her knickers. She then said, ‘Now then I want you to show me how much my smoking turns you on, just güvenilir bahis siteleri relax and do whatever you want to.’ I sat down and she put her legs up on the chair I was sitting on. Her skirt flapped open and I could now clearly see her pink knickers. Even before she had lit a cigarette I was getting hard. She reached for the packet and put one in her lips.

She removed it after a minute or so and showed me her lipstick on it. Then she put it back in and lit it. As she inhaled she opened her mouth and let the big plume of white smoke creep out of her mouth and she inhaled it through her nose. I put my hand down to my crotch and started stroking myself through my trousers. I stared at her mouth as went through her whole range of smoking. She said, ‘Let me watch you masturbate.’ I stood up and took my trousers and pants down.

My cock was very erect and very hard. I could see she was getting excited too as she opened her legs wider.. She had soon finished her cigarette and immediately lit another. This time she let it hang in her mouth. Her mouth was slightly open and I could see the smoke in her mouth as she inhaled and then exhaled through her mouth with the cigarette still gripped softly with her lovely red lips and also through her nose. She undid the remainder of her buttons and held her knickers to one side as she slipped a finger inside her moist pussy.

She had her eyes fixed in a stare on my cock and my eyes were going from her cigarette to her pussy and back again. When she finished yet another cigarette she stood up and took her knickers off and put her legs back on my chair. She pulled her skirt wide open and pulled her pussy lips apart. Soon it was time for another smoke. She lit up and blew the smoke all over my face. I inhaled her wonderful exhale. Then with her pussy lips wide open she put the lit cigarette just in her pussy lips and let it hang there.

Then she lit another and smoked this properly. I absolutely adored her deep french inhales. I was wanking furiously now as I watched her smoke and the one in her pussy slowly burn down. She had to keep taking it out to flick the ash off. She was getting so excited that soon she needed to cum. She left just the cigarette in her mouth and started playing with her clit. I told her I was almost there and she told me to shoot over her legs.

I wanked faster and as she performed yet another wonderful french inhale my cum shot out over her legs. She came almost instantly afterwards as she finished her cigarette at the same time. Our sexual activity has increased tenfold since that first night. Smoking is very important to both of us and Becky loves to watch me wank as she smokes.

She also loves to smoke when I lick her to orgasm and when I fuck her and she is on top she smokes and I love the look on her face as she cums and smokes at the same time. She has also perfected the art of sucking me off into her mouth while she smokes. I adore the heat from her cigarette and the smoke as it swirls around my cock while her lips are clamped tightly around it. She makes me cum in her mouth and loves the combined taste of smoke and cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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