A Purrfect Day

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Jack woke up knowing exactly what day it was; his friend Johnny’s birthday. Jack looked forward to this day every year because Johnny threw great parties at his house with plentiful food, drinks, and friends.

This year’s party would be slightly different though. Johnny mentioned that a couple of his friends from UC-Santa Barbara, where he dormed and just recently graduated from, were going to make the two-hour drive and come over to Johnny’s house for the first time.

Jack showed up at Johnny’s house around noon, well before anyone else was supposed to arrive, as was customary for him so he could help Johnny set up.

Jack cleaned up well for this occasion, as he wanted to make a good first impression on Johnny’s college buddies. Jack’s light brown hair was coifed well, he had on a freshly-ironed blue collared shirt with his best slacks and shoes.

“Thanks for showing up Jack,” said Johnny as they shook hands.

“Not at all,” said Jack, “just tell me what’s on the agenda today.”

“We’re playing ‘King Henry’s War’,” said Johnny as he took out the game box and placed it on the table in the living room.

“Ugh!” cried Jack in disgust, “You know I hate that game!”

“Well, my friends from UCSB are really into this game and I thought it would be a good idea,” Johnny replied.

Jack hated ‘King Henry’s War’, which was a board game based on the War of the Roses. It was nearly impossible to win if you were stuck being part of the House of York (which was the losing side in real life), so he found it pointless.

“Well I won’t make a scene because it’s your birthday AND because there’ll be new people here,” said Jack, “but do me a favor and lower the heat in this house, it feels like an oven.”

“No can do,” Johnny replied, “the thermostat has been broken for the last two days and is stuck on 82 degrees.”

“Shit. Just be thankful it didn’t happen during the summer,” said Jack.

Just as Jack finished his thought the doorbell rang.

“That should be Kitty,” Johnny said as he ran to answer the door.

‘Kitty? What kind of a name is that?’ Jack thought to himself.

After answering the door Johnny walked back into the living room where Jack sat, and Kitty followed right behind.

Jack looked Kitty over a couple of times and he liked what he saw. This petite-framed, fair-skinned 5′ beauty had dark brown hair that was straight and shoulder-length. She was wearing a pair of glasses that seemed too big for her face (in an endearing way), which went over her pretty hazel eyes. Kitty had on a long sleeve plaid-patterned red shirt with black yoga pants.

“Jack, meet Kitty, we had a couple of classes together at UCSB,” Johnny said as Jack politely shook Kitty’s dainty hand.

“Hi,” casino oyna said Kitty in a light and airy voice.

“Nice to meet you,” Jack replied.

Just then the house phone rang.

“I wonder who that could be,” mumbled Johnny as he left the room to answer it.

“So tell me about yourself Jack,” said Kitty, “what makes you tick?”

Jack tried to keep his cool and formulate and answer when Johnny burst back into the room in hysterics.

“That was my grandma, she fell and broke her hip, I have to go with her to the hospital!” he said frantically.

“Oh my God that’s terrible,” Jack said.

“Just stay here and watch the house for now, I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Johnny said, “in the meantime find out where everyone else is and start setting up the game.”

“Ok Johnny we’ll keep our fingers crossed,” said Kitty.

Johnny grabbed his car keys and rushed out the door.

Kitty proceeded to make a couple of phone calls to the other invitees.

“They’re all running late, stuck in traffic on the freeway,” Kitty relayed to Jack.

Kitty then wiped beads of sweat off her forehead.

“Shit, it’s hot in this house. Mind if I take off my top?” Kitty asked.

“Um, sure go ahead” said Jack trying to stay calm.

Kitty took off her shirt to reveal a spaghetti-strap white top. She had no bra on but it wasn’t required; she had A-cups.

“Well I guess we’ll have to find a way to entertain ourselves for a while,” said Jack.

“What are you suggesting Jack?” said Kitty in a playful tone.

“What? Oh! Not that!” said Jack defensively.

“Not what?” said Kitty as she twirled her hair with her fingers, “You mean you don’t think I’m pretty?”

“Well, I do, it’s just I wasn’t trying to proposition you,” said Jack getting increasingly flustered.

Kitty giggled and said, “You’re cute Jack, and funny.”

“And you’re a nice girl,” Jack replied.

“Are you sure about that?” Kitty said.

“Are you coming on to me? I mean, we barely know each other,” Jack said.

“I’ll tell you a bit about myself,” Kitty replied, “firstly, my real name isn’t Kitty. My parents were hippies, they named me Moondust. Kitty is what my first boyfriend called me after I purred while we were making love. I was just being playful at first but now I do it nearly every time.”

“That’s interesting, very interesting,” Jack replied.

He could feel himself beginning to get hard, he couldn’t help it because he was visualizing himself fucking Kitty’s lithe body.

“I’ve slept with a lot of guys in the last few years, I don’t think there’s any shame in it,” Kitty said, “sex is fun.”

“You know what Kitty,” Jack said, “I think you’re right.”

Kitty broke into a wide smile, canlı casino walked up to Jack and kissed him on the lips. Jack reciprocated and then the two of them began to exchange kisses feverishly.

Jack reached for Kitty’s skimpy top and took it off, but her glasses went flying as he removed the top.

“Oh crap, sorry,” Jack said.

“Don’t worry, my glasses are a little big, I have trouble finding pairs for my small face,” Kitty explained.

Just as Kitty was about to put her glasses back on Jack grabbed her wrist and said, “I think you look better with them off, you have such beautiful eyes.”

“Johnny didn’t tell me you were such a charmer,” Kitty said.

“Who?” asked Jack jokingly, to which Kitty giggled in reply.

Jack then grabbed her small breasts and licked her nipples playfully, fully arousing them.

“Mmm, I love the way you do that,” Kitty whispered lustfully.

Jack took it a step further as he grabbed Kitty by her petite ass, he could feel the outline of her ass cheeks through her yoga pants.

“You like feeling my body?” Kitty asked.

“Yes,” Jack said.

Kitty was getting increasingly wet as Jack continued to play with her sensually.

Kitty’s hands then travelled downward gradually from Jack’s head to his midsection, until she began to massage Jack’s manhood through his pants.

“Mind if I take these off?” Kitty asked.

“Do it,” Jack said, fully aware of what was about to happen.

Kitty bent down and took off Jack’s pants and boxer shorts, revealing his 7″ penis. She put it in her mouth and sucked on it eagerly.

Jack threw his head back as he ran his hand through Kitty’s hair, savoring the incredible blowjob he was receiving.

After a while Kitty got up and led Jack to the couch.

“Sit,” she commanded.

Jack sat and watched as Kitty slowly peeled off her yoga pants and socks, leaving just her soaked-through white panties on.

Jack stripped completely naked, then Kitty climbed on top of him. As they made out Jack slipped Kitty’s panties off and tossed them on the floor. Jack glided his fingers across Kitty’s wet slit and Kitty purred in his ear!

Jack thought this was incredibly hot.

He began to kiss and suck on her earlobe as he rubbed her clit now, she licked his cheeks with affection. Then they locked lips once more and savored each other’s taste.

Not able to hold back any longer, Jack inserted his penis into Kitty’s moist vagina and she began to ride it cowgirl-style.

They stared intensely into each other’s eyes as they made love; every moment of it was pure ecstasy for both of them.

Kitty came first, and her juices trickled down Jack’s cock and onto his lower abdomen.

The all-over kaçak casino sensation of her orgasm rocked Kitty; she nearly fell off Jack as she was finishing.

“I can’t wait for you to cum,” Kitty said.

“I’m almost there, where should I finish?” asked Jack with some desperation, sensing himself ready to climax.

“Inside me, I have an IUD,” encouraged Kitty.

“Yes, yes, YES!” Jack shouted as his cock erupted inside Kitty. He had never had a more intense orgasm in his life.

Kitty smiled at him and the lovers kissed once more.

“Let’s make sure we didn’t get the furniture dirty,” said Kitty coming down from her emotional high, “then we need to set up ‘King Henry’s War’ so Johnny doesn’t get suspicious.”

“Ok, but on one condition,” Jack said.

“What is it?” Kitty asked.

“We set up the game naked. I don’t want to stop ogling and playing with your body,” Jack said.

Kitty giggled and responded positively.

Jack and Kitty took out the game board and began to place the small pieces around it, trying to set it up properly. Whenever they stood near each other Jack took the opportunity to grab Kitty’s ass. Kitty would reciprocate by smacking Jack playfully on his ass.

Once the game was set up Kitty grabbed Jack by his semi-stiff cock and guided him back to the couch. Kitty proceeded to bend down and suck on Jack’s cock again, mixing in some ball-sucking and jerking motions too.

“Get down here now and eat me out,” Kitty ordered as she laid down on the floor and spread her legs.

Jack bent down and stuck his head between Kitty’s legs and immediately located her clit with his tongue. He licked, tugged and pulled on Kitty’s clit as she purred again, this time in a higher pitch. It was music to Jack’s ears.

Kitty came again as her legs quivered around Jack’s head.

Jack kissed Kitty again, her juices lingering on his lips.

Jack kept Kitty on the floor as he penetrated her once more, thrusting his cock as deep as he could in her tight pussy each time.

It didn’t take long for Jack to get off again as Kitty’s pussy clenched his cock like a vice, he shot his load inside her once more and the lovers smiled at each other as their adrenaline died down.

Both of them were covered in sweat inside the swelteringly hot house but neither of them cared.

As they were toweling off Kitty got a call on her cell phone from Johnny, saying that he was on his way back. Johnny’s other friends showed up just as Jack and Kitty finished putting their clothes back on.

The romantic escapade had come to end.


Jack returned home late that night, but he had to jump in the shower before he crawled into bed. As he was under the water he got a call on his cell phone, he decided to let it go to voicemail.

After he finished showering he dried off and checked his phone. The voicemail was from Kitty: “Hey Jack, your place or mine tomorrow? Purrrrrrrrrr…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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