A New Life (Chapters 9 and 10)

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======================== Chapter 9 ================

I slept wonderfully after all the fucking and sucking at the pool, I awoke to Jefar rubbing my pussy. “There’s a special party this weekend. You up for a hell of a challenge?” he asked.

“Sure, what’s the challenge?” I replied.

“Well, one of the clients throws a party every year. I know you haven’t done more than a show, and even then you didn’t know what you were getting into, but everyone thinks you can handle this party.” Jefar explained as he continued massaging my clit gently. “The thing that makes this party a challenge is that we, meaning whomever from here that goes, gets to be a table or stool of some sort. We will be fondled, caressed, and anything else the guest can think of, to try and make us cum or move enough to spill a drink that will be balanced on us, before midnight. Do you think you’d be interested?” He asked.

“Mmmmm, that feels good, don’t stop,” I replied. “So what do we get if they can’t make us cum or spill the drink?” I asked while matching Jefar’s caresses with the gyration of my hips.

“Good question. Well since you haven’t been here long you probably haven’t figured out what is provided and what you have to get for yourself. We get food and room here. We have to buy our own clothing, toys, lotions, and room décor items.” He explained, as he slowly slid one finger into my pussy. “Well, if we all manage to keep control of ourselves we each get $5,000 to spend as we want, since we don’t need a lot here, that money last a long time.” He finished as he slid a second finger into me.

“Hmmmm, and what happens if one of us loses control?” I asked, meeting the thrust of his fingers.

“That doesn’t really affect us other than we won’t get the money. But the client does save a lot of money if we lose. They still have to pay for our services, but that will only cover what we get provided here already. Actually the client only gives us canlı bahis $2,500 but the foundation matches it dollar for dollar just to make it more interesting for us.” Jefar answered, as he started licking a trail down my body.

I fought to keep my self-control as I asked, “If we have to buy so much, how come my room is full of stuff?”

“Ah, I was wondering when you’d ask that.” Jefar replied as he laid a full wine glass on my breastbone. “What you have now is all you will ever have, if you don’t replace it yourself,” he answered, as continuing his trail downwards, “and with new toys and outfits out there, this stuff can get boring.” He finished with a lick on my clit.

The conversation stopped there, as I focused on self and breath control, so as to not spill any wine. Jefar drove me wild, licking and sucking my clit. He slowly kept a rhythm with his fingers in my cunt that he matched with his tongue on my clit. I spread my legs wider for him while fighting the urge to arch my back. I kept my eyes focused on the wine glass as he increased his rhythm. I started breathing harder, damn I wanted to cum. I wanted to let lose, to match his every thrust, but I was damned if I would spill the wine. This was indeed a challenge and it added to the excitement for me.

Jefar stopped sucking my clit and watched my face as he slid a finger in my ass. I really had to fight for control now. I looked into his eyes, keeping focused on my breathing. I wasn’t going to let him win just yet. As he started pumping his finger gently in my ass, he slid a vibrator in my pussy. Damn he wasn’t playing fair; I broke out in a full sweat trying to keep control. The wine came close to spilling, my breathing was getting harder. Jefar gently pumped the vibrator, so he couldn’t be blamed for spilling the wine. My mind and body was screaming for release.

Finally I couldn’t take anymore; I picked up the wine glass and drank it, spilling it all over me as I yelled, bahis siteleri “Fuck me Jefar! I need fucked bad!”

With a smile he climbed between my legs and rammed his dick deep in my cunt. I thrust at him, clawing his back. My animal instincts were in full control. I bit his neck as he hammered me with his cock. He got up on his knees and grabbed my ankles. I growled in pleasure, my body bucking with his every thrust. With one quick thrust he pulled out of my cunt and rammed into my ass. My body convulsed in orgasm, I scratched at his legs. He held onto my hips as he rammed into my ass. I locked my legs over his shoulders, as he released a great yell and started spraying his cum deep in my bowels.

“I think you’ll do great at the party.” He commented as he fondled my breast. For the first time since I had been there I feel asleep in someone’s arms.

===================== Chapter 10 ==================

I awoke to someone nibbling on each tit and someone licking my clit. Mmmmm, what a wonderful way to wake up, I ran my hands down the backs of the people nibbling my tits as I opened my eyes. “Nice, three men, I was hoping for some hard cock in me this morning.”

“Well that is just what we’re here for. One great fuckfest before you start preparing for the party.” The man on my right tit said, as he rolled over on his back. I quickly followed his lead and mounted his tool. I was instantly rewarded with a dick up my ass and one down my throat. Oh what a great way to start the day! I eagerly sucked as the men started ramming their cocks deep in me.

That was just the beginning of my day, as soon as one cock left me it would be replaced by another, and even by a cunt at times. I found that licking a clit, as a dick was pumping the nearby pussy, was one of my favorite things to do. Just watching the cock slam into another pussy from so close up was fantastic, but having the juices drip into my mouth was even better. It bahis şirketleri also gave me a chance to suck the cum out as soon as it was shot in her. Hmmm, I wonder if I can be addicted to cum?

“Hey gang, should we show Rose the play room?” I heard someone ask, as I was sucking the cum out of a full pussy while the nearby asshole was being reamed. Maybe I was wrong and this was my favorite.

“Sure, Shi and I can carry her in” a deep voice replied. I was wondering why it would take two men to carry me in, but I was soon to find out. I didn’t let the cock that slid out of the asshole away with out giving it a nice suck first.

Then I was left in the room with two men. The shorter of the two said, “Come here little lady.” then picked me up and impaled me on his wonderful tool. I wrapped my arms and legs around him wondering what the other man was going to do, when he told me, “The legs are right but Bae will be left out, lean back so you can suck his cock as we carry you.”

This sounded like a very awkward position and I was ever so right. I was impaled between them, my legs around Shi and my arms trying to hold onto Bae’s waist. I felt as though I was going to be dropped on my head, until Bae grabbed my tits with grips like a vise. Now if I was dropped it would be because Bae ripped my tits right off me. Shi grabbed my ass in an equal grip and they started walking.

After they had walked a few steps Shi said, “Wait Bae, I need to reposition her. O.K. Rose loosen your legs, I won’t drop you.” He then proceeded to remove his cock from my cunt and ram it up my ass. “There, much better,” then they continued walking. When I felt them stop I was relieved, my arms were tired and having cocks in me and not being able fuck them was more than I could handle.

I felt something being passed under me then realize my weight was being supported by fabric. After Shi and Bae finished shooting their loads in me I was able to see I was in a swing. I was bounced between cocks and cunts till I was worn out from so many orgasms. Then I was carried back to my room where I slept deeply till morning.

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