A Mother’s Love

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“How deep is a mothers love?” That is a question philosophers sociologist and psychologists have been pondering for decades yet even centuries. Just how far will a mother go to protect her child?

In the animal kingdom, especially mammals and primates, that love is very deep. For example, never get between a mother bear and her cubs because if you do, you are asking for a world of hurt.

In the human race, we could very well say that most mothers are very protective of their children. Some would even go so far as to say that mothers would “walk through the fires of hell” to keep their children safe from harm. Let us look at a mother son relationship that had a significantly strong bond and ending up being much more than mother and son but lovers as well.

It started when Raylene was 18 years old. She was in love with her high school sweetheart name Raymond. Raymond was a year ahead of her in school and after graduation he did like every other able bodied man in his small town in eastern Tennessee, he would go to work at the local plant.

Raylene had just turned 18 and just started her senior year in high school when she got pregnant. Since she lived in a small “church going town,” religion played a huge influence in politics and as a result, school board policy dictated that it wasn’t “proper” for a girl to be pregnant in high school. As a result, she had to drop out of school.

Raymond was a decent fellow and was raised with the belief that if you “knocked a girl up” you had to “make an honest woman out of her” which meant to marry her. He married Raylene and Raylene stayed at home and raised her son Johnny Ray.

Since Raylene stayed at home with Johnny Ray, they developed an inseparable bond. Johnny Ray was close to his daddy as well, but much closer to his mother Raylene.

Raylene’s uncle Frank who lived in Ashville North Carolina was the only relative who didn’t “shun” them like Raylene’s and Raymond’s family as well as the “good church going folk of the town” had done.

The “church going people” in that town had no sympathy for them. “They made their bed let them lie in it” pretty much summed up the attitude of the “proper upstanding citizens of the town.” Raymond’s buddies at the plant were not part of the “upstanding citizens,” so they all helped out when they could and the plant let Raymond get as over time as he needed.”

Together Raylene, Raymond and Johnny Ray had a good life. They made it by. Raymond was a good provider and Raylene’s uncle was fairly well off with his various business interests so he sent them things they needed plus furnished them with a new 3 bedroom double wide trailer, completely paid for and got them a decent car to drive.

This “good life” would last until Johnny Ray was seven years old when tragedy struck. Raymond was killed in a plant accident and Raylene was devastated. Luckily Raylene’s uncle Frank had convinced Raylene to get a 25,000 dollar insurance policy for both of them which Frank paid for and the money helped but only for a while.

About 14 months later the money began to dry up so Raylene had to get a job as a diner waitress. She was 26 at the time and looked like a twin for “Tammy Waynette” frizzy hair and all.

The job was long hours and hard work but not as hard as what she had to put up with from some of the men at the diner constantly coming on to her, pinching her butt and making all sorts of uncalled for and crude gestures. Ralph the owner of the diner was a burly “bear” of a man and protected Raylene with no strings attached.

Raylene’s uncle Frank tried to get her to move to Ashville but she was independent and said she would stick it out. Lastly when Johnny Ray was nine another tragedy would strike that would rip Raylene’s heart out.

Jimmy Ray would end up killing a man and would spend the next nine years in prison. It happened when he got mad at a fellow who had been picking on his mom and took the gun his daddy had and went over there to just scare him. The man threatened Johnny Ray and the gun just “went off” and the man was dead.

The man was not “a respectable member of the town” but neither was Raylene’s family. What made matters worse was the fact that a “good ole boy” DA and judge who also were “pillars of the community” and church members were on a “holy crusade for law and justice” and decided to make an example of Johnny Ray.

Luckily for Raylene, her uncle Frank called in the best defense attorney from Raleigh and because under Tennessee law a juvenile could only stay in prison a max of 10 years or till he was 18, he was okay.

His lawyer petitioned the supreme court of Tennessee which was far more progressive and they ruled that Johnny Ray because of his age and other contributing factors could stay in a minimum security juvenile facility until he was 18.

This facility was brand new and had a school so he could learn and he also received counseling. After he turned 18 he had the option of serving in the army for three years or going to a prison run work release job training bakırköy escort program. Either way once he turned 21 he was free. No parole or probation to worry with. He would truly be a “free man.”

Johnny Ray would serve his time and his mother would visit once a month and write him constantly. They still maintained their bond believe or not and Johnny Ray would grow up from a quiet immature scrawny “goofy looking” 85 pound knobby knee clumsy kid at age nine to a handsome popular well developed, muscular, well rounded and well adjusted young gentleman at age 18.

At 18, Johnny Ray was 6’1″ 185 pounds with muscular arms and body from lifting weights and from working on the farm that “honor dorm residents” were able to work at. He bailed hay, groomed and played with the horses, and plowed fields. It beat sitting in a cell all day and gave him an outlet.

When Johnny Ray turned 18 he decided to take the “Army route.” He finished the top of his class in Prison schooling and actually received a high school diploma as well as took college courses and was one semester away from an associates in Computer Information Services.

Raylene was very proud of Johnny Ray and they were still as close as they had always been but now Raylene saw him more as a man and he saw her as a desirable woman and latent feelings of lust would begin to surface and instead of fighting them, they let them take their course.

In the service, Johnny Ray had more freedom and decided to earn his Bachelors degree. He still had to “act right” or he could be sent to adult prison. Johnny Ray had developed “street smarts.” He knew how to work the system and he played by the rules because it got him to his ultimate goal: Freedom!!!

During these three years Raylene and Johnny Ray would share letters and by 9 months in, they had gone from G-rated to practically XXX. Since his mail was “his own” and not censored, Raylene sent him pictures of her in lingerie posing as well as “soft core” nudies.

By now Raylene had been in Ashville for five years and was working with her uncle in his newest booming venture, a commercial as well as consumer data recovery and software design firm known as “Jupiter Data Systems.”

Raylene would come to visit Johnny Ray every four months and that was their “salvation.” Johnny Ray was able to get a 36 hour furlough and go into town. The first time, it was close but nothing went on between them. The Second time, they went dancing and even though they didn’t have actual sex, they enjoyed sleeping naked together and engaging in lots of good tender foreplay. The rest of the times they made out like two wild rabbits in heat.

It was a good thing that Raylene had had her tubes tied after Johnny Ray went to prison other wise she would have become preggers a long time ago because while Johnny Ray was still little, she had gone through a brief depression and tried to “fill the void” and make ends meet by having sex with men for favors and money.

Any how, Johnny turned 21 finally and was offered the option of staying in the service and becoming an officer or being discharged. He thanked his C.O. but he wanted to go home to his mother and his C.O. couldn’t fault him for that, but let his know that of he ever needed anything, to just ask.

It was the 19th of December when Johnny Ray was discharged from the service and he received a full “Honorable” discharge. His great uncle Frank had connections that saw to that.

Raylene was ready to pick Johnny Ray up at the base located in Fort Campbell Kentucky. They would drive the normal day long trip in two days because they stayed at a motel half-way and “made up for lost time” if you catch my drift.

Johnny Ray would move into the Cabin his great uncle Frank had left for Raylene and they would get ready for a Christmas to remember. Frank came by and spent an early Christmas with them and left on the morning of Christmas Eve, just before the big blizzard was to hit

He was spending Christmas in Aspen with his new girlfriend and as a Christmas present to Raylene, he had turned over the reigns of the company “Jupiter Data Systems” to her and was selling his three other companies and retiring. He figured on what he had saved up over the years and what he was receiving from selling his companies, plus the fact that his girl friend’s company was doing well, he and his girlfriend could “live the good life.” After all, he was 55 and he wanted to “enjoy retirement” while he was still young enough to have fun.

Christmas Eve came and Raylene and Johnny Ray settled in for the blizzard that had started just after sunset. They were going to have their own little “private celebration”.

It was around 8:00 that evening and they had cleaned up from supper and got “dressed.” Raylene was wearing an open, waist length see through white lace robe, white panties and bra, and white thigh high stockings with matching garters. She was also wearing a choker of white pearls. Johnny Ray was wearing a short sleeve grey t-shirt that had beşiktaş escort “ARMY” written on the front of it and grey gym trunks.

They had laid two pillows on the floor(carpet) in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace, a blanket on the floor and a red and black plaid flannel blanket to cover up with.

They had put a porno flick in the DVD player and watched some of it but as the evening went on and they were engaged with each other, they soon lost interest in it.

They sat by the fire, sipped wine ate fruit and cheese, and romantically fed each other. They soon began to kiss and cuddle and Raylene would remove her bra and panties and Johnny Ray would remove his clothes and soon they were under the blanket in front of the fire making love. Let us join them as they partake in the carnal desires of the flesh. We will join them at midpoint.

“Oh God yes-s-s-s-s- Johnny Ray baby,” Raylene crooned. “Take me, have your way with me. I am your hot naughty little slut to do with as you please.”

Johnny Ray and Raylene are in the throws of hot sweet passionate yet tender love making. Johnny Ray’s and Raylene’s warm naked bodies are firmly pressed together, limbs intertwined as they laid side by side facing each other.

Their bodies move in perfect harmony and unison as they move together as one. Raylene’s soft stocking clad leg rubs up against Johnny Ray’s leg as they hold each other tight and softly and tenderly caressed each other’s bodies.

Their kisses are soft tender sweet “butterfly kisses” as well as deep tongue probing tonsil swabbing French kisses. The aire is possessed a feeling of both soft sweet tender loving romance as well as hot passionate untamed carnal sex.

The only light in the cabin beside the one from the upstairs office in the loft room where they conduct everyday business with their Data Recovery and software development company known as Jupiter Data Systems is from the fireplace they are laying in front of and the light from a erotic movie that is still playing in the DVD player. They have long since lost interest in it, seeing they are starring in their own private version of one, even though it isn’t being filmed.

The ambient light from the fire casts a halo around Raylene’s naturally curly(frizzy) shoulder length honey golden hair and her fair creamy skin glistens in the light of the fire. Her crystal ice blue eyes reflect the flames in the fireplace but the flame of desire burning deep within Raylene is far more intense.

Outside, a moderately falling snow is coming down, blanketing the surrounding area so far with about 4-6 inches of snow since it had started three hours ago. Forecasts call for up to 12-16 inches of snow by tomorrow evening from the blizzard which hit the area of their mountain cabin they share in the Appalachia Region of North Carolina(just outside of Ashville to be exact).

The temperature outside is around 15-20 degrees with a wind chill close to minus five degrees. Even though the weather outside is cold and harsh, inside it is warm and cozy and the temperature between our two lovers is reaching temperatures hot enough to turn solid iron into molten liquid metal.

Johnny Ray turns Raylene over so she is on her back and Johnny Ray lays his 6’1″ 185 pound muscular body on top of Raylene’s soft sweet supple 5’4″ 120 pound 34C-24-34 frame. Johnny Ray continues to kiss Raylene then begins to move his way down her soft warm body.

As Johnny Ray continues to kiss her, Raylene purrs like a contented kitten safe in its owner’s safe and loving arms, not only because of the carnal sensual pleasure it makes her feel, but also because Raylene feels safe and secure when she is in the protective muscular arms of her love Johnny Ray.

Raylene feels like nothing can touch her when she is with Johnny Ray and she knows that Johnny Ray will be there to protect her and keep her safe from all harm.

Johnny Ray begins to nibble the flesh around Raylene’s neck and under her chin. This causes Raylene to stir and she moaned lustfully.

“Mmmmmm baby,” Raylene coos as Johnny Ray kisses and nibbles at her neck. He then proceeds down her body until he reaches her supple breasts which are glowing, bathed in the light of the fire.

Oh yes-s-s-s-s-s-s Johnny Ray, let mommy nurse you,” Raylene croons as Johnny Ray sucks on and runs his tongue around her pink perky nipples

Johnny Ray spends about five minutes on each breast then he moves his down her body He kisses her stomach and runs his tongue around her belly button and then finally reaches her pubic region.

Raylene’s legs instinctively part as she allows him full access to her nicely trimmed oh so perfectly pink pussy. Johnny Ray is intoxicated as he inhales the musky scent of Raylene’s womanhood.

Johnny Ray softly kisses the slit of Raylene’s pussy and gently licks it up and down a couple time then decides he will “tease her.” Johnny Ray starts at the inside of her right leg near the ankle and kisses his way up the inside of her leg beylikdüzü escort ever so slowly making the tease that much more intense until he gets to her pussy again. He then softly kisses it and repeats the procedure with the other leg.

By now Raylene is begging for “sweet release.” Even though he is teasing her, Johnny Ray is not heartless. Once he reaches her pussy region this time, he “pleases” her.

Johnny Ray spends the next ten to fifteen minutes bringing Raylene off to orgasm after orgasm. “Oh God yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s,” Raylene screams “Make mommy cum!!”

Raylene grabs Johnny Ray’s short brownish blonde hair and holds his head up to her pussy as Johnny Ray uses his tongue and two fingers like a little cock to bring Raylene off to countless orgasms. Raylene even bucks up her hips to fuck Johnny Ray’s face and covers Johnny Ray’s mouth with her sweet sticky cream.

“Oh God baby,” Raylene pants and then turns Johnny Ray over so that he is on his back and she is laying on top of him. “Let mommy return the favor,” Raylene says with a naughty grin and spends the next 15 minutes giving Johnny Ray a blow job he will never forget.

Raylene takes her mouth and places it on Johnny Ray’s throbbing erect 8 inch cock and takes it all the way down as she sucks him like a vacuum cleaner. She runs her tongue around the sides of Johnny Ray’s cock head and licks the back of his shaft with her tongue and strokes his cock with her hand.

It isn’t long until Johnny Ray feels his cock swell with cum and he can’t hold it back much longer. He lets Raylene know he is on the verge of cumming and Raylene just smiles and goes all the way down on his cock. Just then, Johnny Ray erupts spewing his jism into Raylene’s waiting mouth and she drinks it all down without missing a drop.

Raylene continues to suck on Johnny Ray’s cock until it is hard again and she then mounts his cock and begins to ride him cowgirl style.

As Raylene raises her body up, the red and black plaid flannel blanket that had been covering her body now falls to the floor behind her and she removes the white lace top she had been wearing and proceeds to slowly ride Johnny Ray.

Raylene’s sweet wet pussy grips the sides of Johnny Ray’s cock and milks it for all it is worth. Raylene makes slow long intense fucking motions and Johnny Ray places his hands on the sides of Raylene’s hips to guide her motions.

Raylene can feel the orgasm build inside her body as Johnny Ray’s hard rigid tool thrusts in and out of her pussy.

“Oh yes baby make me cum,” Raylene moans lustfully and she continues working it.

Johnny Ray can feel his cock begin to tingle and swell with cum and he knows it wont be much longer until he spunks another load.

“Oh God I’m cumming,” he groans to which Raylene replies “Gimme all of you baby. I wanna feel your hot manhood deep inside of me.”

Within less than a minute, Johnny Ray’s cock is fully cocked and fires its hot load of spunk deep into Raylene’s waiting pussy.

“Oh yes baby,” Raylene croons “Gimme more of you.”

Raylene dismounts Johnny Ray and they lay side by side as they kiss, cuddle and caress while they “recharge their batteries.” They enjoy 30 minutes of sweet tender romance and soft touching as their bodies rub together and their passions resurge to new heights Once they are ready, Johnny Ray turns Raylene over so she is on her back.

Raylene spreads her legs wide, allowing Johnny Ray to thrust his again rigid pulsating cock deep into her pussy. Raylene’s soft sweet stocking clad legs close around Johnny Ray’s body and pulls him in as she locks her ankles not letting him move.

They fuck very slowly missionary style, focusing on each other and trying to join their hearts minds and spirits as one. It works because soon they are moving in unison as one and they are joined together in body soul mind and spirit.

As they continue to make love, the world around them slowly slips away and soon time and space is suspended and has no meaning for them. All they can hear is the beating of each other’s heart.

Raylene and Johnny Ray spend the next five to ten minutes locked in sensual pleasures. They mystically can feel each other’s pleasures and know how to please the other without saying a word. Johnny Ray can tell Raylene is on the verge of cumming and repositions himself so that the timing of their orgasms will be in sync.

Their passions rise like a tide and crescendo together and finally they both cum in unison. Johnny Ray spunks his load deep into Raylene’s eagerly waiting pussy just as she floods his cock with her sweet sticky cream. Just as they had cum together, the grandfather’s clock has chimed and strikes midnight.

They both fall together and collapse as they cum down from their orgasmic high. Raylene and Johnny Ray spend the next 15 minutes kissing caressing and just enjoying the “afterglow.” Their bodies are pressed together as they lie side by side, Johnny Ray’s cock still buried inside of Raylene’s soft wet pussy.

They share soft sweet tender “butterfly kisses” as their lips softly meet. They hold each other tight close together and their bodies rub together as they move as one. Their limbs intertwine and even though the world has come back into focus, they pay it no mind. They are still drunk on the nectar of their passion to even care.

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