A Mom’s Metamorphosis Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 — Caroline does the deed

Bud had to wait for news from Caroline until February 15th, 2003.

“I know I haven’t been on in a long time.

Life just kind of sucked for a while.

John has been a real shit, not about things we’ve discussed here, rather because Emily has been giving him a hard time.

He doesn’t like her current boyfriend even though she seems to have found her course and to be quite stable.

As for the situation between her and Billy, that seems to be a thing of the past.

Both seem to have moved on from that situation.

I am pretty sure she is totally unaware as to Billy and I.

Now, the big news!

I know you have been the best, so here it goes.

Billy and I did it, not something to brag about, but it happened and it was very intense.

We did the deed three times over the Christmas break.

It was just straightforward, no oral, no experimental stuff or anything like that, but I have to say it was extremely pleasant.

I don’t regret it at all.

If we knew we would be alone for a couple of hours with no chance of getting caught we would have done more, no doubt about it.

The first time we didn’t even undress.

He just took off his T-shirt.

I had no bra under and just took off my panties.

I lay in his bed and he was soon over me.

In no time his fingers found their way to my pussy and started fingering me while we kissed and tongued each other.

I frantically unbuttoned his jeans, freed his already hard and hot cock from his dungeon and began stroking it up and down.

I was soaking wet and very close to an orgasm when I urged him to put it inside me.

He did it.

He put his cock all the way in, while still kissing me and feeling my naked breast with both his hands under my blouse.

It took just nothing to his cock to find its way inside me.

Despite Billy’s cock is much like his father’s, the sensation was totally different and hotter.

He was really hot and made me so dripping wet as I’ve never been.

He pendik escort moved slowly in and out and in circles, teasing and bringing me slowly to the top.

We tasted our mating like this for a while, until we could not hold back anymore.

We reached our orgasm simultaneously onto and into one another, his cock suddenly swelling, hardening and then exploding in me, his sperm mixing with the waters unleashed by my now open dam.

We rested then for a little while, tasting our sex, the emotions, the smell, still kissing and savouring each other’s saliva, his cock coated by my orgasm.

I never experienced something like this in my life, a real bliss!

The second and third time, Billy wanted to undress me first.

Then, there he was, naked before me, his hard cock pointing up to the ceiling, throbbing, yearning to be inside me again, while I was laying in his bed, waiting for him to come over me.

We did it totally naked twice.

I’m at a loss to describe this experience.

I’m also beginning to be as forward as I’ve never been before!

I want it now!

Maybe I always needed something like this but I did not accept the idea and kept lieing to myself about incest.

On the other hand, you saw that.

Shyness, fear, conformity, call it as you wish.

Always in his bed, that was the ground rule.

As stupid as it may seem, I’m not about to take another guy into my husband’s bed, not even Billy.

That’s John’s bed and nobody else gets to go in there.

I know it’s silly but that’s the way it stays.

So, there it is and you are the only other person that knows it outside of the two of us.”

“I’m really happy for you and I feel moved by your confidence.”, Bud replied, “You say it is nothing to brag about.

I say it is something to be happy of and not to feel guilty about whatsoever!

Your description of what you did is so warm!

You and Billy will certainly get to the oral and to the experimental stuff very soon, but do not be hasty about this, kartal escort give it time, savour this moment.

Like I said, always let him make the first move.

About the must do it in Billy’s bed rather than in yours or in both indifferently, beside any logic, if it does make you more comfortable it’s fine.

I understand how you feel, nonetheless I’d ask you to see this in the right perspective. You already cheated on John, mentally first when we dealt with the panties problem and more and more physically next, but in the meantime you did not, because we’re talking of your son, whom you owe your love.

It’s not common adultery we’re talking about!

So, I recommend that you take this bed business more lightly.”

“You may be misunderstanding my meaning about the husband’s bed business.”, Caroline objected in turn, “It is simply my husband’s sanctuary, his bed, and he should not have to share it, that’s all I’m saying.

Billy and I are constantly in contact with one another while he is at College.

We do flirt back and forth online and over the phone, all safely away from prying eyes and eves dropping, to be sure it’s there never the less.

We both know what it’s about, so it’s no use to make you believe we don’t.

We will probably do things again and again.

We both seem to be comfortable with it now.

I can’t wait to have his tongue between my thighs, while I make love to him, to its beautiful purple cock head for hours before tasting again the bliss of him inside me melting around him.”

“I think I got the meaning of husband’s sanctuary right.”, was Bud’s reply, “I understand quite well either the need to know that is actually Billy you’re making love to, or the fascination of complicity implied by Billy’s bed or your scruples about your husband.

I encourage you to take this bed issue lightly nonetheless, for soon or later it could trigger a guilt feeling in your mind.

Train yourself to know that even in your marital bed it woulkd be your son who makes love to you.

Of maltepe escort course, if keeping the two alcoves light years apart from one another in your mind makes you feel more comfortable right now do so, but beware not to take this sanctuary idea too seriously.

What matters more now is to keep your incest absolutely secret and safe!

No one has to know!

The serenity of all of you depends on this!

Always do it at home, never outside, motel rooms or such!

I’m sure you’ll have a beautiful time with your family.

Someday, Billy might want a family of his own.

If he does, don’t be possessive.

Let him free to decide.

It is very feasible that he will never stop making love to you anyway.

You’ll find that what happened between you two will be the most precious thing you have.

Well, I’m sure you will get away with it brilliantly.

Anytime you feel like emailing me on anything just do it.

Your friend Bud will be here for you.

Happy wonderful incest!”

… to be continued (??)

Note by the Author

This is an absolutely true story in all its aspects.

Some years ago, I found myself helping this young lady, Caroline, to deal with the unconventional sexual desires of her son Billy (their names are fictional).

In the story, my (nick)name is Bud (fictional name as well).

When the story was over Caroline and I had no further contact for a while, during which it came to my mind that I could recollect our emails to arrange them together in a story.

I then had Caroline sending me some further notes.

For now, this is the end of “A mom’s metamorphosis”, even though Caroline’s story is just at the beginning.

In a couple of years, a gentle and courageous young lady got out of the silk like a butterfly and unfolded her wings to fly free higher and higher in the blue sky.

Caroline said they don’t want others to know about her and Billy.

That was meant to keep people around them out of it.

Of course, acting the other way around would have been totally insane and disruptive.

Telling the story like we did, changing names and some situations, doesn’t betray them.

I can’t say if this story has further chapters.

All I can say is if Caroline and Billy will let me know and tell more, you will be the first to know.

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