A ‘Hole’ New Experience

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My first bi experience happened by chance while I was at University. I’d had quite a lot of sex with a string of girlfriends before I’d left home and moved to the big city to study. I’d spent ages trying to get my hand in their bras and down their panties with mixed success. I wasn’t a virgin as my longstanding girlfriend had let me do it as a gift before I went to university, and I had enjoyed it a lot compared with the usual end of snog handjobs. The heat and grip of a juicy pussy rubbing against a pulsating cock is unbeatable.

But I still wanted more, in fact what I really wanted was a good blow job. Although my girlfriend had put it in her mouth once, mainly out of curiosity, she had never given my cock a good sucking; and she made it clear that the thought of having sperm shot in her mouth made her feel sick. No matter how much 69 style sex we had, the most she would do was kiss it – and that was on the shaft not the knob head. Although I had a stack of porno magazines showing oral sex in every angle, I still hadn’t had a proper suck. It became an obsession, made worse by my wanking fantasies of being sucked off by a string of beauties.

But I had no idea that Friday morning as I finished my only lecture of the morning and walked towards the city centre, that I was to have an experience which was to broaden my sexuality forever. I was nursing a semi erection and held my manila file in front of me to disguise it and I was hoping it would go down before I caught the bus but it didn’t. I blamed the girls on the course, it was high summer and they weren’t wearing much. One in particular had canlı bahis toyed with her pen with her tongue and in my mind , she was licking my cock. I was getting harder not softer and there was only one solution, a quick wank. There were some public toilets a few yards down the road and I awkwardly shuffled along as fast as I could.

One cubicle door was ajar and I quickly entered and closed it behind me. With my back to the door I unbuckled my trousers and pulled my pants down. When I wank I like my cock and balls to be totally free. With a couple of strokes my cock was proudly standing with its veins pulsating and the knob head a throbbing red. I have a big cock and I am proud of it, but this was no time to stare as I needed to cum. The slow start up strokes soon quickened and my balls were swinging in time when I froze stock still, the hand clutching and stretching my foreskin held in space. I heard someone say something, it was a male voice and it seemed to be addressing me.

‘Hurry up, I haven’t got all day.’

I was stunned. Who was speaking? The voice was well spoken, in fact quite school masterly. And it became insistent.

‘Stick it through’

I looked down and towards the right side of the cubicle. The voice was coming through a hole in the wall, a hole which was roughly level with my groin.


It sounded like an order, but that can’t be the reason why I did it. I haven’t really any explanation other than I felt compelled to do it, so through it went. I’ve already mentioned that I have a big cock and it filled the hole, and by pressing myself bahis siteleri against the cubicle wall it all went through. Anyway I didn’t have any time to think as the warm lips that enclosed it obliterated any other feelings than those of complete pleasure.

Those hot, wet lips sucked in steady waves, sometimes down to the bottom of the shaft and sometimes right to the tip. Occasionally stopping and leaving me in a state of suspended ecstasy before resuming with a relish. Now and then the lips withdrew and the tongue took over licking around the rim of my knob head, darting into the small hole at the top and agonisingly concentrating on the skin which attached the knob head to the shaft. I held out as long as I could but the lip pumping continued its rhythm until I shot a massive load which must have been a challenge to swallow, but the mouth enclosed my cock until the last drop oozed out.

I staggered back from the wall, my cock dribbling onto the floor. It was then that I heard the rattling of the door handle. In an instant by trousers were up. I grabbed my file off the loo seat and undid the latch. A young male face met mine for an instance and then pushed by and shut the door.

I wandered home in a daze until I collapsed on the sofa and slept a sleep of total satisfaction.

After my visit to the cubicle, every night I awoke with a massive hard on and a memory of the intense feeling of being expertly sucked off. I had to return.

On my second visit I entered and nervously waited. I could hear rustling through the hole in the wall and in anticipation of a sucking, I lowered bahis şirketleri my trousers and pants. Imagine my surprise when a ruby tipped cock suddenly presented itself through the hole on my side. I have to say that I gasped as I stared at the throbbing, pulsating cock in all its glory; foreskin back and veins protruding. It actually looked magnificent standing erect in its isolated glory.

Instinct took over, I seated myself on the loo and took it in my mouth. I tried to copy all the sensational things which had been done to my cock, and it certainly worked as after a few minutes a huge load of steaming sperm hit the back of my throat. I resisted the urge to withdraw and instead sucked as hard as I could. I was learning fast, a few minutes later another cock appeared and I gave it the same treatment, then another and then another. I don’t know how long I was there or how many cocks I sucked but by the time I finished my mouth and throat felt washed by cum. I staggered home drunk on sperm.

Fortunately my girlfriend arrived for the weekend and I spent Saturday and Sunday fucking her like there was no tomorrow. The moment she entered my room I pushed her on the bed, raised her skirt and pulled her panties down.

‘Michael wait…’ she bleated, but I was between her legs licking her cunt before she could say much more. I opened my flies and pulled out my cock. She grasped it eagerly as I pushed up her jumper and eased both her tits out of her black bra. The next minute my knob head was gently passing through her cunt lips on the way to that hot, juicy, gripping interior.

Then she was in cock heaven, glassy eyed and whining as I shot load after load into her tight, hot pussy. Little did she know that with each thrust I was imagining I was being sucked off by an expert mouth through a hole in a toilet wall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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