A Good Day

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One thing I like about us is the many ways we like to make love. Some days we tease and flirt through the whole day until our passion erupts into a late night romp. We also like to stay in bed on warm rainy Sunday mornings and make slow, sweet love. Some days we wine and dine, taking turns seducing the other and alternating taking the lead. Those are some days, but not all days; and certainly not today.

Today I walk in the door after a long day at work, and you come bouncing up in your little sundress to give me a peck on the cheek and a how was your day with your cute face and bright smiling eyes. Normally I give you a hug and we talk about our days as we start dinner. Not today. Today I pull you in for a long deep kiss, my lips firmly planted on yours as my tongue slips insistently into your mouth, softly but urgently exploring and caressing you. Tugging gently on your bottom lip as I slowly pull away from the kiss, I see you still lost in the sensations of the kiss and I take the opportunity to bend down and wrap my arms around your thighs, lifting your small body effortlessly istanbul escort and throwing you over my shoulder before you even realize what’s going on. Your short dress rides up as my arm squeezes your silky thighs. By the time you are fully aware of the situation, I am striding straight to the bedroom. You start to ask what is going on, but your queries are met only with silence from me, my eyes focused intently on our destination.

I throw you down on the bed and flip you over onto your stomach, pulling you back so your legs are hanging down off the bed and you are bent at the waist. Flipping your dress up over your hips I gaze lustfully at your pert little ass, leaning in to give your cheeks an appreciative lick and a good hard slap. You turn your head and try to ask what’s gotten into me, but instead of answering you I simply loosen my necktie and place it around your eyes, tightening it and leaving you in the dark. Then I grab the flimsy material of your dress and rip it off of you, exposing avcılar escort your entire backside to my hungry eyes. Returning to my original focus, I squeeze and knead your cheeks, spanking and slapping them, pinching your cute little ass. I lick long flat strokes up and down your crack, snaking my tongue in to tease your tight little hole before rubbing it with my fingers. I probe and explore, sliding a finger in, then my tongue, and back and forth. You know I know how much you love having your ass played with, but somehow you sense that this is different. Finally it dawns on you: normally I do this with the purpose of giving you pleasure; but although you are enjoying these manipulations it is becoming clear that my fingers and tongue are only concerned with one thing: getting you ready for what comes next.

Suddenly, my touch is gone. The cool air of the room blows lightly across your wet skin adding more goose bumps and shivers to the ones already there from anticipation. You hear the rustle of clothes as I undress behind you. I şirinevler escort give you a couple more licks and then you feel my body near you, on top of you, pushing into you with a satisfied groan. Your fingers grip the sheets as I start stroking in and out, my hardness throbbing deep inside you as I pump faster and harder. I let out an involuntary growl as my lust takes over and I begin thrusting more and more powerfully, driving farther inside you, needing to take you deeper and deeper. My fingers curl in between yours and squeeze, my teeth find your neck and shoulder, sinking into your tender flesh and almost piercing your sensitive skin. I slam into you with long, powerful strokes, stretching you wide with each throbbing drive into you from behind, taking you and making you mine. My lust is so powerful that I quickly pass the threshold and with a final push as far in as I can get, I erupt inside you. The combination of your clit being slammed and rubbed against the sheets with the sensations from my explosion inside you drives you over the edge too, and we shake in mutual climax. After a few moments in which we struggle to catch our breath, I finally roll off of you and pull you in to cuddle with me, tossing aside the necktie that was around your eyes. I give you a slow wet kiss, then pull my lips away from yours and give you a wink. Finally, I speak for the first time.

“My day was good, babe. How was yours?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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