A Gem of a Night

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The snow was falling hard and fast, big wet flakes that made the car’s wipers struggle. I couldn’t speak the local language but I understood the cab driver’s mumblings and murmurings, he wanted us at the airport as soon as he could get there and then he was off the road. Wasn’t looking good for flying but we had no choice but to try. The windows were steamed up as the driver had the heater on full so trying to look out of the car was depressing and pointless. I decided to focus on the inside of the car.

I looked at my travelling companion, Gemma; she was an attractive young woman, late 20’s, with flowing dark hair and olive skin she had the look of the Mediterranean about her. She was athletic in build, I knew she ran and kept herself fit but she mostly wore loose clothing making it difficult to see the effect. My eyes moved down her body, she wore loose, formal clothes in work but always wore a low cut, tight top which emphasised her cleavage; looking now I could see the smooth skin of her tits with their rounded form. Man I really wanted to see those tits released to see if they would live up to my fantasies. They were beautifully formed, tight and round, I could see them swinging free as she bent down to….

“Do you think we’ll get out of here?”

Shit, pulled out of the dream of those tits and back in to the reality of wet snow and traffic from hell.

“Sure we will.” I lied.

Suddenly the car lurched forwards and to the right and screeched to a halt outside the terminal building. We got our bags and walked in to ….. chaos. The departures board was lit up red with flight after flight cancelled.

“Oh great, I’ll get on to the emergency travel line, you join the queue for the airline.”

I left Gemma in the queue and called the emergency travel number. Ten minutes later I got a cheery sounding Scottish woman. “Hi, how can I help?”

“We’re stuck in Zurich, no flights anywhere.”

“Just a minute…… Ah, yes, the snow storm, sorry no flights today, I’ll book you in to an airport hotel and get you on the first available flight out tomorrow. I’ll SMS the details.”

“Thanks. And don’t forget I’m travelling with a colleague.” She’d gone, I wonder if she got that last bit?

I found Gemma, “Come on, no point waiting here there’s no flights.”

My phone started to vibrate, a sensation I was never sure I liked, it was the SMS *Room booked airport hotel – Ref number XGR7T5*

We made our way into the hotel and saw the queue, more bloody chaos, oh the glamour of international travel.

“It’s OK,” I said “I’m a gold member we can skip the queue.”

I walked over to the privileged member counter and the manager came straight over.

“We have reservations, just made by our corporate travel booker.” I handed over the gold card.

“Ah yes Sir and welcome back. Now let me see, yes I have your room.”

“Rooms.” I said.

“Sorry sir, only one booking has come through.”

“No problem just let my colleague have another room.”

“Erm, sorry Sir but we’re fully booked now, what with the weather, but it is a twin.”

I looked at Gemma and she looked at me. “Fine by me”, I ventured, “better than the airport departure lounge.”


“OK, we’ll take it.”

We went straight up to the room, it had been a long day with the conference finishing and then the trip to the airport. The room was big, a small suite with 2 big single beds and a big bathroom. I slung my bag down and sat on the end of one of the beds, Gemma threw herself down on the other bed. “I’m knackered.”

“Yeah, me too. Think I’ll go and have a shower after that day, and the taxi guy had that heating on full tilt”

“I know, I thought I was going to pass out the sweat was dripping off me.”

The thought of Gemma with beads of sweat rolling down that cleavage was almost too much to bear, especially as she lay sprawled across the bed next to me. I looked across, she had her eyes closed, her arms above her head and one leg crossed over the other. Unfortunately she was wearing trousers so I couldn’t get the view I wanted. I shook myself out of the dream, got my stuff out of my bag and headed in to the bathroom. I shaved and jumped into the shower, running it slightly colder than normal to try to get my mind away from those tits. After the shower I pulled my pj’s on and walked back in to the room. Gemma was in front of the mirror with her hair pulled up.

“I look a mess,” she said “think I’d best go in that shower too.”

She grabbed some stuff and I heard the bathroom door lock, and then shortly I heard the shower running. The image of those tits, and the rest of her body, getting soaped up in the shower shot into my mind and my cock twitched. Shit, better take my mind off istanbul escort it. I lay on the bed and opened the journal I’d brought for the flight; bit of sustainable construction that’d take my mind off those tits.

I heard the shower stop and shortly afterwards the bathroom door opened. Mustn’t look, focus on the journal, fascinating article about reducing cooling load and I needed some cooling. I became aware of Gemma’s presence next to the bed, I caught a smell of freshly showered woman and then something else, what the hell was that, it was sweet but also musky, I remembered that smell, it was…it was… Jesus it was a woman on heat. I’d been married 15 years and kind of missed that. My cock twitched and grew.

“I hope she doesn’t notice,” I thought to myself.

I looked up, Gemma was standing over me, she had on a red silk floral camisole and it was well tailored, accentuating those tits as they hung free. Following it down it flowed over her athletic body and stopped about 30 cm down her thighs. I’d never seen those thighs but they were all a man could wish for, athletic but not muscular, perfect for sliding between. I caught another whiff of that musky smell and my cock almost jumped, I was tenting my pj’s, but what could I do? If I try to cover my rigid cock with my magazine it would be obvious but it was pretty much out there anyway.

“Hmm, seems you like something in this room?”

Gemma was staring straight down at my now fully rigid cock.

“Well maybe I can help there.”

She stepped back, crossed her arms across her front and grabbed the bottom of the camisole. She pulled it up and over her head and all my dreams came true at once.

She revealed her body, taut with smooth, olive skin. She threw the camisole onto the other bed and shook her hair out, as she did so her tits wobbled but soon came to rest, full and firm, each one ending in a glorious brown nipple surrounded by deep brown areolae. She was clearly aroused as each nipple stuck out pert and erect, demanding to be sucked. My gaze followed on down, her stomach was tight but again not muscular, with that beautiful feminine soft abdomen that all well built women had and I loved to caress. It was then I noticed she had no panties on, that’d explain why the smell was so strong. Her pussy was shaved bare and I could see every detail of those beautiful pussy lips. I couldn’t stop staring, she bent over and pulled my pj bottoms off letting my cock spring free.

“Mmm, you definitely need some help.”

I just couldn’t take my eyes off her shaved pussy, each time she moved the lips slid against each other and I imagined them enveloping my cock. I was clearly staring, Gemma let out a small giggle

“I swim a lot so it’s easier to keep it all smooth. Want a closer look?”

I just gurgled, and before I could regain my composure she straddled across me on the bed. My face was inches away from that pussy, I could see every detail, every fold of those lips; the heady smell of woman filled my senses and I could see the first glisten of moisture as her natural wetness started to flow. I just had time to take it all in when she lowered herself onto my face. I inhaled deeply and took my first lick, I flattened my tongue and pushed it between the folds of her labia, finding the sweet hole and lapped up and across her swollen clit. She let out a deep sigh and squirmed to slightly alter her position and give me better access. I licked deep again, this time letting my tongue enter her wet hole before following up and forwards again.


I continued like this for another couple of minutes and could feel her relaxing into the rhythm. Time to step up a gear.

Now my wife, after quite a bit of red wine, liked to have her ass licked and I thought it was worth a go with Gemma, on my next voyage down I went a bit further and put my tongue on that smooth bit of skin between the pussy and the ass and slowly licked from there. Definite reaction and positive, Gemma tilted her hips forward once more to give me easier access. This time I flattened my tongue and licked straight across her puckered ass, up, deep into her pussy and finally on to her clit. She let out a little squeal and ground her crotch in to my face. The final test, I made my tongue into a stiff pointed shape and this time as I went past her asshole pushed the tip against her tight hole, she pushed down trying to get me in, but I went on past and deep in to her pussy. Now I knew she liked it so this time I lingered at her ass and she pushed down, trying to get my tongue into her sweet ass, squealing with delight. Now was time to take control.

I put my arms around her thighs and levering myself I flipped avcılar escort her over on to her back but kept my face close to her pussy. I just took enough time to throw off my t-shirt and then dived back into heaven. I lapped quickly working her ass and her pussy and giving her clit more and more time. Her breathing became faster and deeper and she put her hands on the back of my head. I needed no encouragement and increased the pace. I felt her back arch and suddenly the sweet tasting juice was flowing and she was bucking her hips as she exploded like she hadn’t had an orgasm for months, I slowed the pace and let the waves of pleasure subside in her.

Once she was still and lying with those thighs open and her legs draped across my shoulders and down my back I started to move up, my cock was throbbing and needed some attention. I worked my way up past the soft abdomen, across the tight stomach and into that beautiful cleavage. I lingered here feeling the soft skin against my cheeks and watching her breath heaving her tits, she was still coming down after that explosive orgasm. I moved on up and suddenly felt warm wetness against the tip of my cock, ah well, time to get some release of my own. I adjusted my position and slid straight in to the hilt; she was so wet.

“Nooo.” she sighed.

“Crap!” I thought “Just when I thought I’d get my own pleasure she doesn’t want it, but if the lady says no….”

“Slowly”, she murmured, “I’m still really sensitive.”

OK, so I slowly pulled back letting my cock get well coated in that sweet moisture.

“Mmmm, that’s it, slowly”.

She lay still, arms above her head, eyes closed and thighs wrapped around my legs as I pushed back in feeling the warm wetness having coated my cock start to moisten my balls when I was fully entered. My cock felt like it was going to explode, but I had to hold out, didn’t want to embarrass myself! I pulled out again so that only the tip was in and then slowly filled her up again. She was clearly very well toned as I felt the muscles in her pussy contract and squeeze around my cock. Just what I needed, I started to increase the pace whilst holding back from exploding inside her. She opened her eyes and murmured.

“I’m not on the pill.”

“It’s OK, trust me I can’t have any more kids.”

She smiled, closed her eyes and tightened the grip with her thighs drawing me deeper in. My balls ached and my cock throbbed, I knew it was too late; I thrust deep and hard and felt my balls tighten. Out to the tip, pause and then back in hard and fast, Gemma arched her back in delight and I felt the release, my first shot of cum was small but powerful and must have coated her pussy, the second pulse was deeper with more volume but less powerful. I felt her pussy fill with my load but I just kept going, my cock spasming as I filled her. I could feel her pussy gripping me and pulsing and suddenly she let out a squeal and arched her back again, she was cumming with me inside her! This just pushed me on and soon I thought there wouldn’t be any more room for my load.

Gemma collapsed on the bed; my cock, now limp, slipped out of her warm, soft hole and down between her ass cheeks and across that glory hole; she moaned and clenched, an interesting reaction (but that’s another story). I sat back on to my heels and looked down, I could see her pussy lips red and swollen, now coated in moisture. I watched as the first trickle of my load appeared at her lips.

“No-one’s ever cum inside me before. That was so good!”


“Yeah I kind of reacted to the various pills so I’ve always insisted on using condoms, you’re the first guy to come in me and the sensation just tipped me over.”

My cock twitched, at 40 my recovery time is getting longer but as I watched my load start to ooze out of her pussy and run down over that beautiful asshole I had been tonguing not so long ago my cock was beginning to come back to life.


I saw Gemma run her hand down over her stomach and onto her pussy, my cock was starting to stand up. She rubbed her hand down her slit with her middle finger pushing between her lips. She went through her pussy and down between her butt cheeks. She ran her middle finger back up collecting my cum as she went coating her finger, then as she reached her asshole she pushed slightly and her finger entered her ass, she let out a small sigh.

“Oh my Lord, she’s collecting my cum and shoving it up her ass” I thought.

My cock was now rigid again. She twisted her finger then slowly removed it and collected more cum. I could barely watch, my cock throbbed, but couldn’t take my eyes off this show. This time she brought her finger to her mouth and sucked my cum off.

“Mmm, şirinevler escort should have tasted this…”

She pushed herself up on one elbow and looked at my now fully erect cock,

“Might still be time.” she said and with that I felt her athletic thigh in my ribs and suddenly I was looking at the ceiling.

I looked down towards my cock and I could see Gemma’s long dark hair draped over me with her tits swinging as she bent over me, I felt her breath first and then the soft wetness as her mouth closed around the tip of my cock. She sucked on my head and licked around with her tongue, I lay back and let the sensations wash over me, unbelievable! Then she started down my shaft sucking hard, her hand came round and cupped my balls. I felt her mouth slowly sliding down along my cock until I felt the head touch her throat; she gagged and pulled back.

“Oh well,” I thought “can’t have it all.”

But then she took a deep breath and slid back down. Again I felt her throat but this time she paused, then pushed on. The tip of my cock entered her throat, wet, smooth and amazingly tight. I thought I’d shoot there and then but she pulled away. My balls were tight again and her massaging them wasn’t helping. Her mouth slid back down, her throat opened more easily this time and I felt the smooth tightness around my cock. That was it; I shot the first sample of my second load of the night straight down her throat.

She pulled back, holding my cock erect in her right hand, and laughed.

“How was I supposed to taste that?”

My cock was pumping cum and it was flowing down my shaft, she bent down and I felt her tongue licking the cum from my shaft. I continued to pump cum and she continued to lap it up, eventually I couldn’t continue and she licked the last drops from my head. She knelt back, pulling her hair in to a ponytail and I saw her swallow deeply.

Now was my turn to lay limp and exhausted on the bed, Gemma lay down next to me, her left breast pressed against my ribs and her hand laid gently cupping my balls.

“This is heaven.” I thought.

Just then my phone burst in to life, I nearly jumped out of my skin.

“Where is it?”

I spotted the light from the screen on the floor and jumped across to answer it,


“Mr Sjögren?”


“Hi, this is the travel group, we’ve booked you and your colleague on the 6.00 flight tomorrow morning, you’ll need to be there a good hour before due to the disruption, hope that’s OK. Goodnight.” and she was gone.

“Who was that?” asked Gemma.

“We’re on a flight in..”, it was midnight, “6 hours, need to be checked-in in 4 and a half!”

I fiddled with my phone and managed to set the alarm, before collapsing back on the bed.

Gemma sat up and grabbed the duvet. She lay back and snuggled into my chest, her breasts squashed against my side and her fingernails lightly embedded into my balls, she threw the duvet over us, flicked the master switch and we fell in to a deep sleep.

The next thing I new was the sound of my phone alarm. I awoke with a jolt thinking “Where the fuck am I?”. It was dark, I was in a strange place and someone was cupping my balls. The night before flashed through my mind – snow – chaos – hotel – pussy – shooting my load in to Gemma – deep blowjob. Now it was clear.

Gemma stirred, “That time already?”

“‘Fraid so.”

Gemma hid her face under the duvet but quickly came back up.

“You cumming in me was wonderful but I don’t smell so good now,” she laughed “best have a shower. Are you coming to scrub my back?”

No further invitation necessary I followed her like a puppy in to the bathroom. We stepped in to the shower and soon Gemma was soaped up and looking glorious.

“It seems you still have something to give for an old man!” my cock was once again standing firm.

She slipped her hand down and underneath my balls, sliding up, with the warm water and soap, the feeling was sensational. I moved my hand towards her pussy but she pushed me away.

“We need to be quick, I can look after myself.”

With that she plunged her other hand between her legs. She was gently rubbing my cock but fingering her clit much more quickly, she let out a big sigh and pulled me closer. Her pace quickened, both on my cock and her clit. As I said before I’m getting on but this was magical, suddenly, it seemed, she tensed and gripped me tight as her self-induced orgasm washed over her. I could no longer contain myself and shot my final load on to her soft abdomen. It started to flow down onto her beautiful pussy lips with the shower water. She kissed me for the first time and said.

“Come on, out you go, best not miss that flight!”

We dressed quickly, checked out and made the flight. As we sat on the aircraft I couldn’t help wondering if that night would ever be repeated or if it would become just a dream. As I sat looking out of the window I felt Gemma’s hand slide down my thigh, back up and just tweak my cock.

“Thanks for looking after me, I know where to come now”…………….

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