A Fun Family

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This story may consist of water sports as well as incest, MFM, FMF, group, swapping, lesbian and gay. If any of these are not your cup of tea, please move on.

All characters are over 18…they are clean and the women are using protection.

To those who do read the story, I hope you enjoy it.

Your feedback will determine if the story keeps going. Thank you.


The intro…

From the day we were born I remember us always being naked which seemed normal to me since mom and dad were always naked. Many a times I was playing with my mom’s tits and nipples and sis was fascinated with dad’s cock and balls, especially when his cock was hard.

Anyway, we grew up and accepted our nudist life. We just assumed it was normal. However, as we got older things around the house got more interesting.

One night as I looked out my bedroom window, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I yelled out to my sister, “Sis, get up here. You have to see this.” My sister yelled back, “I don’t have clothes on.” “So what, get up here now.” I yelled down.

My naked sister came running up the stairs, her tits bouncing up and down. “What the fuck do you want?” She screamed. “Look down there. Mom is bent over and dad and Mr. Hansen are fucking her doggie style.” “Let me see.” She said.

We both looked through the window and sure enough, dad and our neighbor were taking turns sticking their cocks into our mom’s cunt and both were fucking our mom.” We watched for almost a half hour until dad and Mr. Hansen came in her cunt.

I then turned to my sister and said, “Hey sis, want to?” She looked at me and replied, “How about I just give you a quick blow job?” I smiled and pulled out my hard cock which she quickly engulfed in her mouth and after a few sucks, I shot my load into her mouth.

“Now, can I go back downstairs?” I smiled, cum still oozing out my cock and thanked her as she left.

How it all began…

By all accounts, believe it or not, we are a normal family. My parents call me John-Bartholomew (don’t ask), but everyone calls me JB. I have a sister, a twin, and they call her Virginia, but I call her Ginny. We are both 19 now and in a local college. Our dad’s name is Joseph. He is 41, 5’9″, about 175 with a very athletic from his college sport days. He works in advertising and makes good money. Mom, Mary, is also 41, 5’6″, about 125 and a very nice shape as she still works out every day. She does a lot of volunteer work and sits on several charitable organization boards. Both are well respected in the community.

Anyway, we grew up and accepted our nudist life. We just assumed it was normal. However, as we got older things around the house got more interesting.

As soon as my sister and I turned 18, a year ago, mom and dad sat us down for a ‘talk’ which was funny, since we didn’t think we needed one but we listened to them.

Dad said, “Now that you two are adults and what you do is your business. Your mother and I never hid our sexuality from you two and we both hope you learned a lot from us.”

Mom continued, “Your dad and I have no problem if you two want to have sex together, if you haven’t had it already and, in fact we encourage it. Also, if you care to join us together or alone, we encourage that as well.”

My sister and I sat dumbfounded as we didn’t expect that. After a moment of silence, I said, “So, let me get this straight…you are both ok with me and my sister having sex together and, that we can have sex with you two as well?”

Mom answered, “Yes, that’s istanbul escort correct.” My sister and I looked at each other and then my sister said, “I have a question…look, we know you and dad swap and fuck others because we have seen you and we are ok with that. In fact, we saw mom getting fucked doggie style by dad and Mr. Hansen recently and enjoyed watching the three of you. Based on that, will we be allowed to join you when you fuck others?”

Dad replied, “Your mother and I have discussed that point and we both feel that you are adult enough to decide for yourselves if you want to join us and participate with us and our friends, you may.”

After the ‘talk’ me and my sister went upstairs to talk. I said to her, “Do you believe it? What do you think?” My sister said, “I am still in shock. Have you ever thought about us having sex together?” I replied, “To be honest sis, ever since we turned 18 and even before, I have wanted to fuck you.” She looked surprised and I said to her, “Sis, you are a hottie. You have a great body, nice tits and ass and putting it mildly, a great piece of ass.”

She laughed and said, “Thanks brother. I have a confession to make myself. I have wanted your big cock in me for sometime now. And, in case you haven’t figured it out, I always made it a point to get you cock hard. You’re a stud.”

We both laughed and hugged and kissed. My cock immediately got rock hard and we laid on my bed. Our hands were all over each other, feeling each other up. My sister finally begged me to slip my cock in her cunt believe me, my cock slipped in her wet count easily. I have to admit I didn’t last too long before I shot my cum into my sister’s count.

As we rested for a minute, we heard clapping and there was mom & dad watching us and smiling. Ginny couldn’t help but notice dad’s cock was fully erect and got up from the bed and walked over to him.

She put her hand on his hard cock and said, “Does my daddy want to fuck his daughter? Hey mom, want to watch your husband fuck me?” Mom just smiled and said, “I would love to see your father fuck you. Then, after that. You can watch your brother fuck his mom.”

Dad & Ginny got on the bed and in seconds, dad had his hard cock in his daughter’s cunt. He wasted no time in ramming his cock deep into her cunt. He then yelled out, “I’m going to cum in my baby’s cunt.” Ahhhh, he moaned as he kept fucking her as cum shot into her cunt.

As soon as they finished mom joined me on the bed and immediately spread her legs as my cock found her entrance and slipped right in. I started fucking my mom, as dad and Ginny watched. It didn’t take me long when I said I was going to cum. Dad yelled out, “JB, cum on your mother’s face and in her mouth.” I pulled my cock out and shot streams of cum all over my mother’s face and into her open mouth with some cum landing on her tits and nipples.

So, that’s how it all began and Ginny and I never looked back. Now, let me continue the story…

After the talk by our parents, nothing really changed except that me and Ginny had a lot of sex and never hid it from our parents. Many a time we fucked in front of them or Ginny would give me a blow job as we all watched TV. Sometimes, our parents got to enjoy one or both of us as well.

It wasn’t until a couple of months went by when dad mentioned that he and mom were putting together pool party for a few friends and yes, Mr. & Ms. Hansen would be there. Dad avcılar escort asked us if we would like to participate and we both said we would.

Ginny helped mom make the arrangements and dad and I made sure everything looked nice and that the grill was ready and enough refreshments on hand and we even made sure that the three extra bedrooms were ready for guests.

The day before the party, mom made sure Ginny was all spruced up and ready for her cumming out. She shaved Ginny’s pussy smooth, like hers and oiled her smoothness with oil to reduce any shaving bumps and redness. She even have my cock and balls a good trimming.

The day of the party saw 10 of my mom & dad’s friends attend and my sister and I greeted them in our bathing suits and welcomed them to the party.

The day was particularly hot and the evening temperature was going to be just as hot as it was during the day.

As the guests arrived, I took the women to one of the bedrooms so they could change and my sister took the men to one of the bedrooms so they could change. Before long, all the guests were in and around the pool drinking & eating and enjoying the conversation and company.

We all mingled with the guests and I could see mom and dad flirting with some of the guests. All the guests welcomed me and my sister in joining them and told us they hoped we would have a good time.

After a couple of hours, mom & dad quoted down the guests to make an announcement. As everyone gathered around, they called us up to be near them, then dad said, “By now, all of you have met our son & daughter. They will be participating in our pool party for the first time and we are all looking forward to their joining in with us today. Feel free to enjoy them as their mom and I have already done. Enjoy.”

Everyone applauded and Ginny and I went around to each guest, hugging and kissing them. I guess mom was the first and when I looked over to her, she was standing naked with several men around her. Then, one by one, guests started shedding their clothes until everyone was naked. Ginny and I eagerly joined them.

It wasn’t long before there were a few women around me. By this time my cock was almost fully erect and the women let me know how much they enjoyed the sight. It was then that I noticed Ms. Hansen, our neighbor and the wife of the guy who was fucking my mom that night.

She introduced herself as she eyed my cock. I introduced myself and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She looked so sexy. She stood 5’6″, about 120, big tits and nice sized nipples, smooth pussy, green eyes and red hair and a firm ass and in her early 40’s.

We chatted awhile and then she whispered to me, “I am ready, if you are.” I looked at her and took her hand and I took her to my room so we wouldn’t be disturbed. As soon as we got to my room, I locked the bedroom door and turned to her. We kissed, our tongues playing together. Our hands all over each other. Then she took my cock and slowly moved her hand up and down my shaft. After a few minutes, she engulfed my cock with her mouth and used her tongue to play with my shaft candy cock head. As soon as her mouth came off of my cock, she kissed me, making me taste her mouth that just came off of my cock. She pushed me into my back and straddled my cock. She eased herself down until my cock was completely inside her cunt. She started riding my cock as her tits bounced up and down. I couldn’t hold out any longer and told her I was going to cum. She rode me harder and faster and then my cock şirinevler escort erupted and cum streamed into her count. She finally fell off of me and we hugged and kissed as my cum oozed out her count. After we rested awhile, we composed ourselves and headed back to the guests.

When we got to the guests, many were in the middle of various sexual activities. I saw my sister with Mr. Hansen. She was bent over and he had his cock in her ass and looked like he was ready to cum. Sure enough, he shot his cum into my sister’s ass.

I looked around and there was my mom, four guys all over her. One guy was fucking her, another guy had his cock in her mouth and she was jerking the other two off. I went over to her, looked at her and smiled. She saw some cum oozing from my cock and she quickly took my cock in her mouth to suck me dry, then went back to giving the guest a blow job.

Dad was on the side and was fucking a woman I knew but never imagined that she would be participating in this kind of party.

The party lasted until the early morning hours. Most of the guests wound up in one of the guest bedrooms where the sex continued. Some of the guests were still by the pool. It was late when me & my sister and dad and mom finally were together.

Dad asked us if we enjoyed ourselves and we both told him we did and looked forward to the next one. Then dad said, “All the guests loved you two and they would like for both of you to join them every now and then for private sessions.” Ginny and I both said, “We think that could work. Yeah, we’d be ok with that.” Then mom said she would let them know.

Just then, one couple came over and asked me and Ginny if we cared to join them and we said we would. Then we walked over to the edge of the pool area and stopped. The guy, his name was Eric introduced us to his wife Toni. Eric asked if we ever tried water sports and we told him we didn’t. The his wife said, “We would like for both of you to give us golden showers. Would you?”

Ginny and I looked at each other and Ginny said, “We have never done that before. What would we have to do?”

Toni said, “Eric and I would like you to stand over us and pee all over us. You two are such a darling couple, we had to ask you.”

I looked at Ginny and them and replied, “I guess we can do that. Our mom and dad told us to please the guests, so tell us what you want.”

Toni told us to stand over them as they laid on their backs and to pee on them. They got down on the grass and laid on their backs, holding hands.

Eric was about 50, 5’10”, 185, decent shape, nice cock and balls. Toni was in her late 40’s or early 50’s, big tits, trim pussy and a little stomach but at 5’10” around 130, it looked good on her.

Ad soon as they were ready. Toni told us to start whenever we were ready. It didn’t take us long before I started to pee all over our guests. Ad I peed, Toni opened her mouth and drank some of my golden juice. Then Ginny started and as she stood up, her pee managed to find Eric’s mouth as well and his cock and balls too. It seemed like forever before we finished.

When it was over, they got up, kissed us and Toni said, “If you two ever want to connect just tell your mom or dad and they will set it up. By the way, we would both love to fuck you both.”

It was getting late and we decided to call it a night and went to bed. As we headed in, we could see our mom & dad hooking up with another couple and knew where they were headed.

Ginny and I woke up late in the morning when just about everyone was gone. Then mom came out, covered in dried cum and juices and asked me, “You guys interested in joining the four of us in bed? Ginny looked at me and I nodded an ok and Ginny told our mother we would, but after we cleaned up. Mom told us that everyone else was gone and it was just us and the couple left. Then mom said, “You will like them a lot…you’ll see.”

Part 2???

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