A Flood Is A Good Thing

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This event I am about to describe took place when I was 20 years old in the little town that I grew up in. The details in this story are true. Unfortunately, I have never experienced a lover like this since then.

It rained off and on for a solid week and there was no signs of it letting up. In the morning we received 10 inches during a downpour that lasted about three hours. Inevitably flooding began as the local river and creek beds became to full. My house was in a low area that did not offer much protection. This had happened about ten years ago so we pretty much knew the drill. To play it safe several churches and the local high school opened their doors so people could take shelter in case it got worse.

I arrived by myself at the high school gym around nine o’clock in the evening. My family was out of town so I looked for some familiar faces in the crowd. There were people everywhere talking about the last time this had happened. Unfortunately, most of my high school friends had moved away and the ones that stayed were not to palatable for passing time in the gym.

I did, however, see my ex-girlfriend’s mother sitting by herself on some bleachers drinking a cup coffee. I had always enjoyed spending time with her because she had kept most of her good looks even though she was probably in her early forties. Her name was Denise and she had been divorced for about five years now from her husband. I remember hearing about her divorce from my ex-girlfriend, who said that her father had cheated on Denise with a waitress from one of our dives on main street. I remember thinking how stupid he was for fucking up a good marriage with a sexy woman like Denise.

I went up to Denise and her eyes lit up when she saw me. She asked me the usual questions about how I was doing, and I gave her my rehearsed answers. I couldn’t believe how good she looked compared to the other mothers in the gym. Her blond hair was at her shoulders and she wore a sexy pair of glasses that still showed off her blue eyes. Now normally I find myself attracted to brunettes, but there was just something about her smile that surrendered my full attention.

She asked me who I was dating now so I had t o confess that I had taken a break from girls for the past six months. She laughed and said that it must be difficult for a guy my age to take such a long sabbatical from woman. This comment canlı bahis made me hot because she was normally reserved in comments about this nature. I returned with my questions concerning the same topic, and she admitted that she stopped dating last summer because the men in our town left something to be desired.

After our initial chat, I asked her if she wanted something to eat so we went to get some food that was being offered for the local refugees of our town. While we ate, I could not help noticing that she opened up about how frustrated it was being a divorcee in our town. I joked that maybe she should find a good woman, and she laughed and playfully slapped my thigh. Her hand lingered the slightest bit on my jeans when she did this. Needless to say I was beginning to have a good time with Denise. I asked her how her daughter was and she said that she lived in a nearby town with a guy, who I remembered from football. She joked that her daughter should have never let me go, because I was a much better pursuit. I turned red at this comment because I am never good at taking compliments.

Around 10:30 our local deputy made an announcement that cots were coming in so people could start getting ready for bed. When they were hauled in by some volunteers, it quickly became obvious that there were not enough for everybody. Denise and I decided to hit the floor with a large group of people at the far end of the gym. Denise had brought a thick sleeping bag and two pillows. Of course, I brought nothing because that is was twenty year guys do in a situation like this. They were passing out some blankets, so I grabbed one and decided that at least I could have something to soften the hardwood floor. We all got situated and I was lying on the outskirts of the group next to a wall. Thankfully Denise had positioned herself right beside me so we could continue our conversation. It quickly became obvious that my blanket was not going to do the job. I noticed that a some couples had combined their blankets nearby so they could lay on a blanket and use the other one to cover up. Before I could gather the courage to make a similar suggestion to Denise, she offered to share her sleeping bag. We quickly unzipped it and folded it out so we could both sleep on it. Then we covered up with my blanket and shared the two pillows. I was still uncomfortable, but was excited to be so close bahis siteleri to Denise.

They turned off the gym lights and all you could see were the lights in the hallway on the other side of the gym. We chatted quietly for about 15 minutes and then sadly Denise fell asleep. I was disappointed, because I was having such a good time. I began thinking about how much Denise looked like her daughter. Naturally, I thought about the how much I enjoyed having sex with her daughter and how hot her body was. I wondered if Denise’s body could compare or if she had the same sexual appetite. Eventually, I fell asleep, although I had quite a hardon from my fantasies.

When I was asleep, I vaguely remember dreaming about my prom night. Unlike in real life, this dream had me in bed with a girl I had always had a crush on. Her name was Melissa and she had enormous eighteen year old breasts. Melissa was in her panties and she was giving me a handjob by using nice slow strokes on my shaft. I remember my dream was so real and it felt so good. Then something happened. I think someone was coughing in the gym, and I slowly woke up. However, my sensations did not stop. I quickly realized that Denise had her hands on my cock through my jeans. She put a finger on my lips and whispered to stay quiet.

I obliged, but I could not believe what was going on. My erection was definitely full force and I could barely hear her hand moving under the blanket. All of a sudden Denise stopped and kissed me gently on the lips. Then she got up and slowly walked to the girls locker room that was in a nearby corner. I thought they were probably locked because there was no light in that particular corner. However, she did not come back in five minutes so I became optimistic. I slowly got up and ran my fingers along the wall so I could find the door she went in.

When I entered the locker room I was pleased to see that Denise had turned on a small light over the sink in the back of the room. She was sitting on a bench in the middle wearing a huge smile across her face. I sat beside her and we began to kiss in an extremely slow and sexy manner. She broke away from my lips and apologized for waking me up. Apparently, my dream had woke her up because I was spooning with her. She said she could feel my dick against her ass, and that she could not help herself. I was extremely embarrassed, but she said bahis şirketleri that she would take my arousal as a compliment. I did not have the heart to tell her that I was dreaming about a girl half her age.

We started kissing again and her hands began exploring my chest. My cock was straining in my jeans and ready to come out. Denise finally began moving her hand in the direction of my zipper, which is one of the best feelings in the world for any man. Denise unzipped my pants and undid the button. I stood up as she slowly pulled them down past my knees. I stepped out and stood in front of her as she sat on the bench. She then pulled down my boxers, which caused my erection to bounce back to its aroused state. Then she began stroking me again with long strokes. Her mouth found my swollen balls, and she moved down to lick behind them. I could not possibly describe how amazing it felt. Denise stopped stroking and took off her shirt leaving me looking at a wonderful pair of tits. Her bra was black and her breasts were enormous. I leaned behind her and unfastened the snap pulling the straps away from her shoulders. They looked amazing. She then pushed her tits together and I knew what was coming next. I had never done it before, but I wedged my cock in between her tits and could not believe how wonderful it felt. She began slowly moving her tits up and down on my shaft. There was no lubrication so her skin slightly tugged and pulled on my erection. I was in heaven. I began focusing on the sensation as she began to pick up tempo. With the situation being so erotic, I began to realize that I was already about to come. I told her my condition and she said not to worry because she wanted to feel me come on her breasts. That was all the encouragement I needed. In the next minute my orgasm began to develop until finally I came in enormous waves of ecstasy. I guess my reserve was full, because I do not recall ever coming so much in all my life. I hit her neck, her chin, and her large tits. It was everywhere on her upper body. This made her giggle and her smile matched mine.

Guilt followed the orgasm as I realized that I had done nothing for her. She said that it was fine with her because she wanted to save something for another day. I quickly realized that this meant there was more in store for me. I helped her clean up and she sucked my cock once more to get the come off the sides.

We left the locker room and quietly went back to our sleeping bag. The rest of the night I took my favorite position against her back. I fell asleep again with a new erection pressed up against her amazing ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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