A Favorable Fuck

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I was sitting at my office desk carefully putting the papers and projector sheets that I had used in the director’s meeting that morning back into their respective spots when I heard the door to my office open and close.

Standing before the now closed door of my private office was my intoxicatingly beautiful secretary Brooke. She was looking quite inviting as usual standing there with her shoulder length blonde tresses cascading over her shoulders framing her rounded face, broken only by an attractive smile. Her long shapely legs accentuated the cream-colored shirt and miniskirt combination that she was wearing today.

“How’d the meeting go Mr. Summers?” she inquired as she sauntered over to my desk.

Putting the final papers away and closing the drawer, I smiled at her with my hazel eyes, “Everything went great Brooke, thanks for putting together the presentation for me. You worked your magic yet again.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” She paused a bit then she looked in my eyes as her mood turned slightly more serious and stated, “I need a favor.”

This immediately got me thinking pleasant thoughts, remembering our previous “favors” in the office and at her home and the pleasures that entailed for the both of us.

“Well, what exactly are you looking for?” I asked expectantly into her enchanting blue eyes.

“As you know, my husband and I are taking off for a couple of days next week and I was hoping you could stop in occasionally and make sure the girls are doing all right.”

Her girls were Kristina, a 19-year old hot blonde high school cheerleader who was the spitting image of her beautiful mother, and Angela, an 18-year old raven-haired minx. I always liked being around them so I jumped on the opportunity to visit them.

“Ok, you’re leaving when–Thursday?”

“Yeah, and we won’t be back until Tuesday. What do you say?” while asking this she had quietly locked the door and walked over to me. She hopped up on the edge of my desk giving me a great esenyurt escort view of her long silky legs.

I gazed into her beautiful azure eyes and grabbing a hold of her dainty hands, I placed them over the crotch of my slacks allowing her to feel my rapidly hardening cock.

“As long as you do a favor for me this afternoon with a growing problem. And since you’ve been so good before…”

Her eyes sparkled and as I let go of her hands, she deftly unzipped my slacks and pulled out my massive erection.

Smiling wickedly, she fell to the floor before me, folded her legs beneath her and swallowed my rigid cock into her warm, slick mouth. I moaned in satisfaction and began to help her by placing my hands in her soft tawny mane and sliding her mouth on my rock hard cock. Her lips forming a perfect “o” and her tongue expertly licking the base and length of my cock as her hands fondled my balls in her delicate hands.

I was in heaven, my beautiful married secretary was giving me the best blowjob of my life and she loved doing it! Even though it was not the first time she had given me head, it certainly felt the best. Her tongue expertly circled my engorging cock as I moaned in satisfaction.

In response to my moans of passion, she began to take my entire slick rod in her fiery hot mouth and began deep throating my pulsating cock. This was the first time she had ever deep throated my cock and brought me quickly to the edge of climax.

“Oh, fuck Brooke, yeah take my cock you slutty bitch…I’m about to cum down your hot throat.”

She continued her brilliant oral ministrations on my engorged cock, until it erupted and filled her hot mouth with my salty spunk. She removed her mouth slowly from my spent member, making sure she captured all of my creamy sperm, swallowed my sticky cum, and smiled up at me with her beautiful heart shaped face.

“Is there anything else you wanted from me, sir?” she said playfully as she rose up from avrupa yakası escort the floor in front of me, hopping back on the edge of my desk.

“Actually, yes there is.” I took her in my arms lustfully embracing her and giving her a passionate kiss on the mouth, her lips and tongue battling mine. I let my hands pull her cream colored shirt off revealing her small bra-encased tits and held on to her shapely hips.

I broke the forceful kiss and knelt down on the floor in front of her. My hands caressing her firm athletic legs, reaching up her smooth thighs until I pulled her white miniskirt down her lithe alabaster legs. I gently removed her sticky cum-drenched panties down her silky smooth legs exposing her moist twat.

“Ohhhh, Ken yes! Lick my pussy! Make me cum you bastard” whimpered my slutty secretary as I began to lightly lick the inside of her firm athletic thighs. Reaching under her smooth thighs, I grabbed a hold of her tight ass, each hand clutching onto her glorious buttocks. Holding on to her superbly tight ass in my hands, I continued to circle her moist pussy with my tongue, driving her wild. Her hair flayed out behind her as she leaned back on my desk. Her moans were getting progressively louder as I began to finally lick her hardened clit. Her body immediately grew rigid in my arms, and she let out a long soft moan as she unleashed her honey all over my face. I licked all of her hot pussy juices until she quickly came again, coating my face in her orgasmic bliss.

After her second orgasm, she joined me on the floor. I pulled her bra off, and my hands began to tweak her aroused nipples. As I fondled and squeezed her pliant tits, she started stroking my reinvigorated cock. Continuing our mutual fondling, we embraced and shared a passion filled kiss; our arms around each other holding on to each others butts.

Brooke suddenly broke the kiss and got down on all fours, her rounded anadolu yakası escort ass pointing in front of me. Looking over her sweat-sheaned shoulder, she begged me, “Ken I need your cock; fuck my pussy!”

Being the wonderful boss I am I gave her exactly what she wanted, first teasing her by placing my cock at the folds of her wet snatch, I leaned over her sleek back and snaking my arms about her thin waist I tweaked her strawberry nipples to her satisfaction. She turned her head and gave me a quick kiss. As I slowly inserted my prick into her velvety, tight cunt we stared into each other’s passion filled eyes.

I repeatedly drove my stiff cock into her snug pussy, filing the room with our cries of passion and ecstasy. I could not keep my eyes off Brooke’s inviting ass as I repeatedly plunged my stiff rod into her snug cunt. I had always wanted to fuck her tight ass, but I was hesitant to hurt her in any way. My wonderfully sultry secretary came once again, dripping her love juices onto the floor and staining the carpet of my office.

Feeling my impending climax drawing closer, I nuzzled my face into her soft sweat drenched hair and whispered seductively to her, “Let’s try another position, I want to see you when I cum in you.”

We disentangled ourselves, reluctantly removing my hard prick from her velvety tight cunt. I lied prostrate on the carpet as my blonde secretary rose herself up and straddled my erect penis. She lowered herself slowly onto my pulsing rod, running her hands through her thick blonde hair. I ran my hands up her silky legs as she bounced aggressively up and down on my jutting cock.

“Mmmm, Ken this is my favorite position…oh god…fuck me.” moaned Brooke as she came immediately.

Feeling her warm cunt contract on my bloated cock, I took a hold of her shapely hips and repeatedly drove her up and down on my rigid prick until I exploded and filled her blonde snatch with all of my hot white sticky cum, emptying my entire load in her hot pussy.

Brooke collapsed forward onto me and after we shared a warm kiss I spoke to her softly, “After that favor I can’t refuse your inquiry now, can I?” Brooke smiled down at me as she felt my cock grow inside her again.

“Just shut up and fuck me Ken!” replied Brooke seductively as she kissed me and began riding my cock vigorously again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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