A Family Affair Ch. 04: Conclusion

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The Conclusion.

Following our adventure with the Symbian Orgasmatron, I was walking home, hand in hand in hand with my darling Mary and her neighbour, Katherine.

Mary was questioning me on the afternoon, the nine ladies and the machine that I had enjoyed having sex with.

“I thought you did very well, nine hot women and a machine that was nearly overheating. Ten cunts of which only one was imitation and you managed to cum in five of them. That’s half. You must be completely shagged out. Which one did you enjoy most?”

Without having to think, I answered “I was talking to Katie,” I started

“Katherine?” Mary suddenly said angrily. “This is MY man, you bitch!”

“Wait ’till I’ve finished.” I continued. “Katie said that in her life, although it is essential to have sex with someone she loves, it is not essential to love someone she has sex with. I would go further… Sex is better with someone you love than someone you don’t. My answer is that the best was the woman who I am madly in love with. You, my dearest Mary.”

Mary swung round and hugged me, melted into my arms and kissed me more passionately than she had ever done before.

While we were walking, I mentioned that in spite of Peter Clarke being insistent that Jennifer didn’t cheat on him. Giselle had casually revealed that she was frequently bonking him. Kate did not appear surprised, so I assumed that Jenny already knew about it and had told her friend. “Jenny is actually a tough old bird,” said Katie, “She’s Peter’s fifth wife and needed some ammunition for when he eventually finds someone younger and divorces her. When she found out about it, she made Giselle write a confession and took her to a Notary who was not her husband’s solicitor and made her sign it. I was her witness. The female solicitor specialises in divorces featuring cheating husbands.

I’ve decided that rather than wait for Alan to divorce me,” Said Mary, “While Jonathan and Julia are still at college, I’m going to divorce him on ground of desertion and infidelity. I must ask Jenny for contact details of her solicitor.”

We finally reached Kate’s cottage. “Would you like to come next door for a coffee to help sober up?” Mary asked Kate.

“Why not?” We went through the old farm yard to get to Mary’s back door. There was a strange car parked there.

“That’s Alan’s car.” Mary informed us in a shocked voice. We went into the kitchen. A fairly beefy rough looking man sat on a kitchen chair drinking a large glass of brandy.

“What on earth are you doing here?” Mary asked her wayward husband.

“I’ve had an argument with Sue and have decided to spend the night with my wife in my own house. I know Kate, but who are you?” he asked looking at me.

“This is John. He’s my latest squeeze.” answered Katherine quickly. “We’ve been out together at a social function at the Manor House and Mary has asked us back for coffee.”

Quick thinking, Kate. Well done!

Mary filled the kettle and switched it on.

Mary talked to Kate “You wanted to borrow a dress of mine. When the kettle has boiled, I’ll take you upstairs and you can show me which one.” She got out the cafetière and put three spoonfuls of ground coffee in it. The kettle boiled and she poured the water over the coffee.

Once the coffee had been poured, the girls left the kitchen, went upstairs and we could hear them walking across the landing to Mary’s bedroom laughing as they went.

Alan struck up a conversation with me. “How long have you known Kate?” He asked.

“A couple of months. She’s very pretty isn’t she?”

“Not just pretty, the lads in the pub reckon she’s a real goer. One bloke even claimed she’s the village bike.”

“She’s eager, but tame.” I answered “She only allows me to make love to her in the missionary position.” I lied.

“I’ve heard that she likes it in her bum hole. Not like my wife, she has never wanted me to use any ‘foreign’ positions so I’ve dumped her and am now living with someone who even sucks my dick. Mary will never find another man, she looks too old now but if I ever find out that someone is sniffing around her, I’ll break his neck. I would always find out. My daughter keeps a close eye on Mary for me.”

“Where’s your daughter?”

“She’s at university in Manchester. She’s a good girl, very pretty and still a virgin in spite of all the randy male students.”

“You sad, disillusioned old man.” I thought. “I’ve been screwing both your daughter and your wife. Now your girlfriend has chucked you out for the night.”

“What do you do, Alan?” I asked.

“I have a market stall selling fabric remnants at six different markets a week. It’s a man’s job. None of this poofy office work. That’s how we managed to buy and convert this farmhouse. Great isn’t it?”

“I’ve only seen the kitchen but it seems lovely.”

“I can’t afford to divorce Mary, because she would want half. Come to think of it. Where are they?”

He thumped up the stairs and I heard esenyurt escort him shouting at Mary.

The girls returned and Kate said “It’s past eight, we’d better be going, John”

I shook hands with both Alan and Mary. “See you sometime, Alan. You too, Mary.”

Kate and I walked hand in hand back next door with a bag containing one of Mary’s dresses and the contents of my suitcase which she and Mary had hidden in the wardrobe this included my toothbrush and razor so Alan wouldn’t find them which would have been extremely awkward.

“That was tense, Hans. Obviously, you’ll be sleeping with me tonight. You would have been too shagged out to be any use to Mary, though. I pity her. She’s probably going to have to let Alan screw her, but she’s going to insist that he uses a condom in case he’s caught a dose from Sue, and she will claim that she doesn’t have any so she will probably escape that fate. On the other hand, in two or three hours, you’ll be ready to go again. Lucky me!” At six AM, Alan will have to leave to set up his stall in a market in Leicester so you can get back to Mary.”

“I was very impressed with your quick thinking when we got home. You were very smart.” I said as we went in her door.

“Alan was too drunk to think properly. Thank you for improvising your part so well.” Kate threw her arms round me and kissed me before undoing my trousers, pulling them down and taking my member in her mouth. “Mmmmbl mmmm boobl Mmmm!”

“What was that?”

Kate pulled her mouth away from my dick. “I was trying to say ‘Enjoy this, but you don’t need to cum’. Actually, you are quite firm so I was going to ask you if you would like use my pussy instead, but Mary has asked me not to. Do you need a shower after all this afternoon’s effort?”

We went into the bathroom and this time I was able to watch the entire half second between when I yanked on her bow and her standing there totally naked. Impressive! She turned on the shower and I drew the shower curtain. My dick returned to its usual aroused size when I soaped her entire body, taking special care to cover her boobs and pudenda using only my hands and Katie soaped my chest, genitals and bum before rinsing one another off, drying each other with fluffy towels and although it was still light, going to sleep exhausted.

At half past seven next morning, the bedroom door was opened noisily, I heard a zip being undone and a second female body joined me in the bed. “Good morning, Darling.” I murmured

“Good morning, Hans” said both Mary and Kate from either side of me.

We were all lying on our backs. A hand stroked my left inner thigh from my knee to my crotch. Another did the same to my right inner thigh.

Both my hands reached down and each found a moist cunt waiting for my attention. I attended to both with the middle finger of each hand dipping my fingers into the two honey pots. The “Oooh”s and “Aaaah”s came in stereo before the duvet was thrown back and Mary’s mouth went to my dick while Kate got on her knees with her minge an inch above my mouth. Mary gobbled my cock while Kate lowered her pussy until it was touching my lips. I started sucking it. Soon my lips were nibbling on Kate bringing aural responses that were getting louder and more frequent while my “Ooooh”s and “Umpht”s were encouraging Mary.

“Please climb on.” I asked Mary and thanks to her love-juices and saliva she slipped completely on to me. It was so lovely to be making love to my girlfriend again without being under any pressure to perform. She jiggled on top of me. I realised that for the first time in my life, I was not fucking, screwing or shagging but actually making love. Alan was wrong. She was not getting old, she was getting into her prime.

We spent the afternoon, wearing only the minimum of clothing on the sofa watching an old romcom movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffanies’ on the TV. It was a romantic thing that suited our mood.

Just after six o’clock the phone rang. It was Julia. “Are you alright, Mum? I’ve just had Dad on the phone and he told me he had spent the night with you. Where was Hans?”

Mary told her the entire story, skipping most of the detail of what went on at Jenny’s house but including the facts that I had enjoyed sex with a few ladies.

“You’re very lucky to have a stud like Hans in your life. Although he frequently asks me, I will never tell Dad about him.”

“Hans actually told he loves me this afternoon. I thought that you should know that I’ve decided to start divorce proceedings against your Dad. It will mean that we’ll have to sell the cottage. We’ll get a good price for it. Enough for me to buy a little two up and two down in one of the villages round here or even move back to the town. I’ve made some very good friends here not least yesterday. I hope I can stay but cottages here rarely come on the market.”

“Good luck, You have my support and certainly Jonathan’s as well. I wish I could have been at yesterday’s ‘tea party’. avrupa yakası escort Dad also said that Kate’s found yet another boyfriend.”

“That was actually Hans and we’ve been having a giggle over things that your Dad told him. In spite of knowing intimate details about Kate’s sexual preferences, he knows nothing about Hans and believes that you are still a virgin.” From several feet away from the phone, I could tell that Julia was laughing loudly. What? Oh yes, I’ll pass you over. Goodnight.”

Mary passed the phone to me. “Look after mum. Last night really shook her. I’ll see you next weekend for our usual arrangement. Goodnight Hans.”

“I accepted an invitation for us this morning.” Mary suddenly remembered. “Mei asked us for coffee tomorrow morning.”

“You are becoming accepted by the society of this village.”

“It’s all down to you, Darling.”

“I’m afraid that if I screw other women, it will upset you.”

“My desire is to see you enjoying yourself. As long as it’s only sex and you don’t fall for them, you can fuck whoever you wish, even my daughter. Just as long as you come back to me and make love to me like you did this morning.”

“I feel the same. It would not have mattered to me if Alan had fucked you if you wanted him to.”

“I definitely did not want to. I was looking forward to making love to you.

The next morning we walked past the church where the bells were ringing to summon parishioners for the Holy Communion service at half past ten to Mei and her husband’s Victorian house on the other side of the village next door to the Manor House. We knocked on the door which was soon answered by Mei, dressed in a cream silk dress. She introduced us to Steve, her English husband.

“So you’re the guy who was making love to my wife on Friday.” He said as he shook my hand. “She said that you pleased her fully and she would like to have a return match. Mary is an extremely attractive woman and if she agrees, I thought she and I could balance the equation.”

I looked at Mary who looked at Steve from head to toe and said “Of course, Steve. I need to have a drink first to help me relax. Do you have a G and T please?

Steve went to the other room to get a glass while Mei went into the kitchen for the Gin and Tonic.

“Is this OK, Mary?”

“Of course. I expected it.”

Mei called from the kitchen “Ice and Lemon?”

“Yes please.”

“What about you Hans?”

“Just a white coffee, thanks. Four sugars.”


“I have to get my energy from somewhere!”

Steve returned. “So, Hans, you don’t mind if your girlfriend sleeps with other men?”

“It’s Mary’s body. She can do whatever she likes with it, as long as she enjoys it.”

Mary repeated what we had discussed yesterday. “If you love someone, sex must be a part of it, but if you have sex with someone, it’s not necessary to be in love with them. All that matters is that your partner is there to make love to when you get home afterwards. Sex is fun, healthy and great exercise, as I keep telling my kids. When you love someone, it’s essential that you provide them with sex. It doesn’t have to be with you.”

“That’s what Mei and I feel. It’s good to meet a couple who feel the same. “I blame the church and the wedding service. I may have sworn to love honour and obey Mei until death do us part forsaking all others, but I am an atheist and that forsaking all others bit is crap. I make good money as a land agent and we share it equally. Any large purchases, we agree on. We can fuck anybody we wish provided that it’s somebody who wants us to. We are best friends as well as being lovers. What’s wrong with that?”

Mei came into the room with a tray on which was Mary’s G&T, my coffee, a large whisky for Steve and a clear tumbler. “That’s my vodka and tonic with lime.”

“Steve’s been explaining his philosophy of life.” Mary told Mei.

“Yes I heard him. It’s mine too. We’ve been together for fifteen years since we fell in love in Singapore where he was working for a year and I was a housekeeper and courtesan employed by his company to keep the employees happy. I used to cook, clean and fuck whoever they send over. I was trained in every possible way to satisfy a man and I really enjoyed it. Steve and I fell in love when we were both in our early twenties. As we have matured together enjoying the swinging scene, our personal philosophies have merged. What about you two?”

“I’ve been married for twenty years since I was sixteen to the only guy I had ever kissed. I have two children, a girl and a boy who are off at university. My husband has moved in with the woman who used to be my best friend not long after we had converted to old farmhouse on the corner of the Leicester Road into a family home. During the past months since Christmas, I have started thinking about sex much as you do and intend to start divorce proceedings against my loser of a anadolu yakası escort husband tomorrow. Hans has been an essential part of my life since February when I pinched him from my daughter’s bed.”

“I’m just a dirty old man who loves sex.” I said. “I love it nearly as much as I have grown to love Mary.”

While we were making our little speeches of introduction, Mei had started disrobing. She kicked off her shoes, unbuttoned, unzipped and unclipped her dress and very soon she was only wearing her trademark white cotton bra and panties while Steve held out his hand to Mary and led her into the hall and upstairs.

Mei turned her back to me. “Unclip me, please.” I unclipped her bra while she eased her panties off her hips and dropped them to the floor on top of her dress. She shrugged her bra off so it fell onto her dress and panties while I cupped both her breasts in my hands and tweaked her nipples.

She led my by the hand up the stairs and into a large bedroom with a king size bed where Steve was kissing Mary. Mary had already undone his trousers and was unbuttoning his shirt. Her summer dress was in a pool on the floor leaving her only in a thong. Once his shirt was off, he stepped out of his trousers and eased the thong down to the floor. While I took my tee shirt off, Mei unbuttoned my trousers. They fell down and I stepped out of them. At about the same time, Mei removed my underpants while Mary pulled down Steve’s boxers.

“I’m sorry, Hans. I’m not into any man on man action.”

“That’s Ok,” I replied, “I’m entirely straight, too.” His dick was only of about average size. It easily slipped into Mary when he laid on top of her.

Mei pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me on her knees. As soon as her pussy lined up with my todger, I started pushing it in. Her grunts and “Ooof”s were by far more noisy than Mary’s on the other end of the bed. Through her heavy breathing, Mei told me “I hope you don’t mind, but to apologise for losing my temper with her on Friday, I have asked Giselle if she would like to join us.

“Not at all.” Said Mary.

“That will be lovely” I agreed.

“Great!” said Steve. “Last one to have an orgasm has to let her in.”

“That’s not me,” said Mary “I’ve already cum!”

“I’ve left the back door open, so no hurry”

“Thanks Mei.”

The bed had been bouncing and both girls enjoyed orgasms for what felt like ten minutes before a call of “Ello” came up the stairs. We didn’t bother to call back, the sound of four people having sex would have very easy to follow.

The slim blonde French teenager came through the door. She was already removing her dark blouse and her pleated skirt was in her hand “I ‘ave already been to confession and I confessed to what I WILL be doing and have had to say ten ‘ail Maries.” Her bra and knickers joined her shirt and blouse on the chair under which were her shoes.

Both Steve and I were on our backs with a lady bouncing on our knobs. There was about an arms length between us. Giselle laid with her pussy over Steve’s mouth. Her head was above mine and she gave me a true french kiss for what felt like ages. Coupled with what my dick was doing in Mei’s cunt and my groping Giselle’s firm tits, the stimulation was too much for me and I shot my load into Mei’s twat. Steve’s munching on Giselle’s pussy meant that she soon came too. Mary had been continually cumming as Steve thrust in and out of her.

Mei leaned forward and gave Giselle a deep kiss. They both moved their bodies so they were in the scissors position and ground their pudenda’s into each other until they were both cumming repeatedly. Mary leaned forward until she was lying above Steve then in a complicated movement; he was soon lying on her back fucking her from behind.

I found watching my lover being fucked by somebody she hadn’t known an hour before such a turn-on that my erection was re-establishing itself. Giselle’s head was currently close to my groin and she noticed it, moved her neck and clamped her mouth over it. While her tongue was licking it, I reached down and tweaked one of her nipples. Her mouth closed tighter on my prick and if there had been anything left in my balls would have spurted it down her throat.

“I’m finished.” I told everyone.

“I set the hot tub on the patio to heat up earlier,” said Steve “Let’s all soak our weary muscles.”

We all went down naked to the patio where a small hot-tub was sitting in the sun. It had four places to sit in it. Steve got in first, testing the water first with his toe, then one leg before declaring it warm enough and sitting at one seat. “Come on, Mary.” he encouraged. Mary languidly eased herself into the water and sat opposite Steve. Mei got in and sat on the left of Steve with her breasts supported by the warm water. I got in and sat opposite Mei with my dear Mary on my left. This left Giselle with no seat available, so after she had entered the water, she sat down on my lap with my stiff todger pressing into her firm arse. She wiggled until it was more comfortable with it between her thighs. Mei’s right hand was below the water line stroking Steve’s member and Mary was holding hands with me.

My free hand was free to caress Giselle’s wet body especially her chest and perky nipples and she turned her head so she could give me a deep sloppy snog.

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