A concert lover

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This story is a work of fiction, all persons are over the age of 18. The story is for entertainment.


The classic rock radio station I listen to has been advertising a spring concert in the park with local cover bands playing 60’s, 70’s & 80’s songs. Since I enjoy listening to the music of that era, being 57, and I also enjoy watching the new bands trying to hit the fame road, so it seemed like a great way to spend a Saturday, so off I went.

The weather station predicted a beautiful spring day for the concert, low 80’s, so I dressed casually in a pair of loose shorts and t-shirt, but grabbed a light blanket in case there was some good area to sit and watch the bands.

The start time was 2pm, so I got to the park at about 1, thinking it wouldn’t be too crowded, wrong thoughts there, as I paid my fee and entered the park I was amazed at the number of people that were already there. I guess everyone in town was tired of the winter blues and were anxious to get out in the sun again. The park was filled with people of all ages, which surprised me because I really only expected the 40-50 year old crowd to be interested. I wandered around a bit, doing my typical people watching, mostly of course girl watching, most of the ladies were dressed very casual, light dresses or shorts. It was nice to see some skin after our long winter of covered bodies.

As the time drew near for the beginning of the concert I made my way toward the stage area, sipping on my iced tea and trying not to step on anyone. I got into the crowd and found a good spot about 30 or so feet from the lifted stage that gave me a good view and set my folded blanket down by my feet.

I was watching the stage as the local DJs came on stage to announce the many bands that would perform today, as the crowd began to thicken and any imagined personal space disappeared, very typical at any outdoor standing room concert. After the announcements the first band began its set, they started with the Alice Cooper song I’m 18, this sure got the crowd going, even the younger 20-30 crowd was jumping canlı bahis şirketleri in with lyrics.

There was about 8 bands scheduled to perform, so I will not go into a list of all the songs because that would fill up way to much space and be a waste of words.

By the time the 7th band hit the stage, all decked out in costume, the crowd was screaming and dancing. This band was a Village People tribute, bringing lots of cheers and yells as they broke into the obvious number of “YMCA.” By this time the area I was in was almost a wall of bodies, leaving no more than a few inches between each person. As the band played, the crowd erupted into the normal dance for the song, everyone doing the choreography of the song, it was about then that I noticed the young lady directly in front of me, because she was wearing a light sun skirt, the kind that goes just past the bottom of her ass, and as she was jumping and dancing with her arms raised up in the air, her skirt also rose up showing her very cute ass cheeks, I spent much more time watching her by that time and very little band watching.

As I watched her throw her arms up to the dance and her skirt rise exposing her bare bottom, she was either wearing a thong or nothing under that skirt, my excitement as well as my dick grew. She had a well proportioned body, guessing about 5’4″ or so, with light auburn hair down to about mid-back, freckles adorned her bare shoulders and exposed back. Just guessing she was in her early 30’s. As she jumped and danced she stepped back a bit causing her ass to now and then bounce against my growing erection, she never turned, though I am sure she felt my hardness with each backwards movement, so I of course inched myself forward just a little to see what would happen. To my surprise she also inched back a little, so I was going to enjoy this concert more than I thought.

Well, the “Village People” band finished their set and left the stage, leaving a short quiet time while the next band assembled. To my surprise, and utter joy the little lady in front of me turned, smiled canlı kaçak iddaa and gave a air kiss to me, as she turned back to the stage she inched back further so that our bodies were touching, with my semi stiff dick resting right between the light fabric covering her ass, then she lifted up on her toes and back down a couple times. I was enjoying the tease and gave her leaned forward to give her bare shoulder a light kiss, she just sighted and leaned back a bit more.

It was getting into the early evening hours by the time the final band hit the stage, the air had chilled a bit by then so I leaned down to get my light blanket, as I rose back up my head accidentally brushed the young lady’s ass, and the smell of her body caused much more stirring in my dick as I inhaled the sweet aroma, yes I may have lingered a bit, and she just pushed back a little and sighed. I stood up fully and draped the blanket over my shoulders just as the band began to play “Hey Jude.” My cute little tease in front of me glance back at me, noticing the blanket asked if I would mind sharing as it was getting a bit cooler, “my pleasure” I said and holding the blanket I wrapped my arms around her shoulders expecting her to reach for it and hold it herself. To my total surprise and extreme enjoyment she leaned back into my arms and began swaying to the slow music, we were essentially slow dancing in place with her ass massaging the growing hardness of my dick. A few minutes into the song I felt her hands reach around between us and she lowered the zipper to my shorts, reached in and I felt her soft and warm hands wrap around my hardness as she and I moaned simultaneously.

As she continues with her sensual massage of my dick I placed the blanket edges into one hand and slowly slid my free hand down the front of her body, caressing the small swell of her breasts and feeling the hardness of her nipples thru the dress, slowly tracing my palm down her belly and pulling up the skirt until I felt her bare skin. I reached down further and felt the band of her small thong, rubbing over the mound of canlı kaçak bahis her pussy I could feel the heat and wetness. I slipped my hand down under the elastic and reached her slit, letting my fingers slip between her moist lips. I brought my fingers up to my mouth and tasted her sweetness then returned my hand to her pussy to resume my massage, she spread her legs slightly and clenched my dick. I started to pull the elastic down, she then released her hold on my dick and reached down to remove her panties, as they slid down to her feet she lifted a foot to grab them, reaching back with them she rubbed them on my dick and then placed them into my pocket. At this point she reached both her arms around behind me and pulled me close, my hard dick now directly on her naked ass.

The band on stage was now beginning the song “Something,” another fantastic slow, sensual song. I still had my fingers dancing in the slit of her pussy, her hand reached down and once more held onto my dick, she raised up on her toes a bit and guided my dick head to her moist pussy and as she lowered herself I felt my dick head slide into her, the wetness and warmth swallowing my entire length as we swayed and moaned together. This was by far the most sensual sex I have ever experience, we continues our slow and steady dance throughout the next couple songs, she eventually moaned and shivered a bit, I felt the muscles of her pussy contract as her body shook slightly, I leaned forward kissing her shoulders saying “I am very close,” to which she pressed back harder and swayed her hips faster. With my lips kissing along neck, I began to cum inside of her, I felt her shudder again and pull me closer.

The concert was just ending and people were beginning to slowly wander off, we continues to stand in place as my dick began to slowly slip out of her, at that point we sat down on the grass to wait for our breathing to return to normal. She turned her face toward me, kissing me on the lips and whispered, “please, find me again.” With that she stood and wandered off with the crowds of people.

When I got home that evening I immediately posted a note on the missed connections section of Craig’s list. I must find this fantastic woman and fully enjoy her sensual body and mind.

I am anxiously awaiting her reply.

Hopefully, to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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