A Chick , Two Bi Men Ch. 1

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It had been our fantasy for some time now. Actually it was hers to start with but the more that we role-played it the more it turned me on too. At first it was mostly because of how excited she got talking about it. Her nipples would get very hard, her pussy would really start to flow and she could not keep her hands away from herself. Seeing her turned on naturally made me hard. But each time she described the scene I wanted more and more for it to happen in real life. My lover wanted to see me with another man. She wanted to see me take a hard, warm, pulsing cock deep into my mouth. But that was not all she wanted. She also wanted to see that hard cock in my ass while she watched and played with herself. She wanted it all. She wanted to be with two bi men. Doing everything that she imagined.

I have to admit it may have been my fault. I was the one who introduced her to the strap on. I had inherited a strap on from a previous marriage (See “Strap on and Me). Why did I end up with the strap on? I can’t remember exactly but perhaps it was because I was the one who really liked it. I have always had a sensitive ass. I love having my ass played with. I loved it the first time a lover put her finger in my ass and made me come immediately. As time went by it became more and more a focus in lovemaking. When I finally experienced full penetration with a strap on there was no going back. I loved it. So naturally when the marriage ended I took the strap on with me. It was only natural that I would bring it into my new relationship. It happened quite innocently. One time while my tongue was flicking lightly over her clit and two fingers were in her pussy, she mentioned that she wished she could have my cock in her at the same time. “No problem,” I said and reached into the drawer for the strap on. I bahis firmaları took the dildo portion off the harness and put it into my mouth and started sucking on it to warm it up. She practically came on the spot without any further attention from me.

“Oh my god” she cried. “It looks like you are sucking a real cock”

“You are good at that, aren’t you?”

“I want to see you take it all the way into your mouth, you horny cocksucker.”

She was really getting into it. I started playing with the fake balls hanging below it as I bobbed my head up and down on the shaft.

“Here, hand me that harness” she said. “And give me the cock too”

Uh – oh, what had I done? My cock was hard as a rock and already leaking precum as she snapped the dildo back onto the strap on harness.

“Now, on your knees and suck my cock,” she demanded. “Get it nice and wet because I am going to fuck you with it”

“Yes, that’s right, you are going to suck my cock until it is nice and wet and then I am going to fuck you in the ass with it.”

“What do you think of that?

I didn’t answer her then. I got down on my knees and took the fake cock into my mouth. I coated it with my saliva as I went up and down on it. She took hold of the back of my head and forced me up and down on it until I almost gagged on it. But I got it nice and wet. Then I lay back on the bed and lifted my legs in the air and spread my ass for her. I wanted to be able to see her face as she slid the strap on into my ass. And what a sight it was. A look of pure lust was on her face as she brought the strap on to my ass and rubbed it up and down. Her nipples were sticking out like two hard points. Her face was flushed and her breasts were heaving as she pressed the dildo into me. It felt so good as it kaçak iddaa entered me. She kept pushing until it was all way in and then I watched as she started to shake and shudder.

“OHHHHHHHHH it’s all the way in you. I am fucking you now with my cock. How do you like it? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I’m CUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMIINNNNNG!!”

Her convulsions and spasms caused the strap on to go in and out of me. And that only made her wilder. She started fucking me faster and deeper with each stroke.

“OHHHHHH I love fucking you” she exclaimed. “It feels so good to have my cock in your ass.”

“You love it don’t you?” OHHHHHHH, I am CUUUUUUMMMMIINNNNG AGAIN!!

That did it for me. The cum shot right up from my cock and landed on my mouth. I instinctively stuck out my tongue to lick it up. That sent her over the top again. It was the first time I had ever tasted my own cum. And I loved it. She wanted it too.

“I can’t believe you are licking up your cum. Give me some. I want to taste it too.”

She leaned down and kissed me deeply sharing the cum in my mouth. Then she licked up the rest from my neck, chin and chest and fed it to me. I could feel her shuddering with aftershocks as she kissed me.

Things only got better and better after that. The strap on became a regular part of our sex lives. We bought another larger one and a selection of dildos of different shapes and sizes. She named them all. The 10-inch dildo was Hank. The 6 inch one was Frank. The 8-inch strap on was Peter. And so on. We also got one that she could pump and shoot cum in my mouth. And then she started talking about seeing the real thing.

I would be on my back with her fucking me with the strap on when she would hand me one and sometimes two of the dildos.

“Hank and Frank want you kaçak bahis to suck their cocks while I fuck you,” she would say. “Let me see you take both of them deep into your mouth while I fuck your ass deep with my cock.”

“That’s it, deep throat them”

“I love to see you with your mouth full of cock”

“C’mon, make them cum in your mouth”

” I want to see their cum running out of your mouth and down your chin”

“You know, you need a real hard hot cock in your mouth and ass, don’t you? She said. “I can watch as they slide their hot hard cocks into you”

“You want it don’t you? DON’T YOU!!”

“Yesssssssssss, I exclaimed as my cock spurted once again all over my chest and chin. “I want real cocks in my mouth and ass.”

“I want to be on my back so I can watch you play with yourself as they fuck me.”

After sharing my cum and coming back to earth after that last one, we both agreed it was time for fantasy to become reality. It was obvious that my bi-curiosity had gotten the best of me. I was ready. And so was she.

We decided that our online adult chat room was the place to look for the right man. We had already had a number of hot sessions online with bi men, each one more intense than the one before. I would be the one online and she would be sitting next to me reading along and playing with her vibrator. After one particularly hot session with a very, sexy horny bi guy, I decided the moment of truth had arrived. As we were thanking each other for the very wild online session of sucking and fucking, I asked him if he was interested in meeting in person. There was a brief pause after my request appeared on the screen and then his reply, “Fuck yes!” It looked like we had found the right one.

We agreed to exchange email pictures and discuss dates and locations. Thank goodness, he looked as good as he sounded. And he didn’t seem at all disappointed with our pictures. We finally agreed to meet in 4 weeks for a weekend together.

Stay tuned for Part 2!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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