A Business Affair

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Tina & Mark had known each other for over 10 years and had been business partners for the past 2. He was single, she was married, but both were extremely attracted to each other. On several occasions Mark had pushed to take their relationship further but Tina loved her husband dearly and didn’t want to jeopardize what she had with her husband.

As they did every six months, Tina & Mark took a road trip across the country visiting current clients & working hard to gain new ones. Everything was going particularly well on this trip as they had just been successful in picking up a huge client and seeing as it was nearing 7pm, they were ready to stop for the night. When they arrived at the next town they pulled into the only motel with a vacancy sign showing. Fortunately, there was one room available and it contained a queen sized bed and a single bed. Once they unloaded their bags into the room, they ordered a pizza to be delivered to the room.

Once they had eaten, Tina realised how nervous she was feeling about spending the night alone with Mark with all the sexual tension between them, but she thought she was strong enough to resist the urge. Mark told Tina that she could shower first but with a twinkle in his eye said he would wash her back if she so wished and although at that moment Tina could think of nothing better she declined canlı bahis his offer, thinking the better of it.

Tina had the water as hot as she could stand to try and wash away the aches from the long car ride and a strenuous day. She was lathering her well-toned body and whilst she was rubbing and washing every crevice, Tina could not ignore how relaxed she felt and the all too familiar sexual feelings that were beginning to build within. Suddenly, with her eyes still shut, she felt one hand wrap around her waist and the other on her breast. She gasped as Mark pulled her close to him and she could not help but notice him breathing heavily against her neck and his raging hard on pressing ever so slightly against her back.

She turned to him protesting but he kissed her and all thoughts of her husband suddenly melted away. Mark had caught her in a extremely sensual mood. His kisses moved down her body over her well-proportioned breasts, lightly nibbling her erect nipples, licking her stomach & finally down to her very aroused well trimmed pussy. Mark reached behind him and turned off the water…. She moaned as he flicked his expert tongue up and down her pussy and gently used the tip of his tongue to part her lips, just enough to be able to now taste her ever so sweet pussy nectar. He then moved up and concentrated on her very bahis siteleri visible clit bringing her to the edge of orgasm & back then just when she thought she could take no more he inserted his fingers into her pussy & licked her clit until she came for what seemed like an eternity.

As Mark stood up he picked Tina up and pressed her against the shower wall. With her legs wrapped around his waist she felt his rock hard penis slide easily into her now deliciously wet pussy and he fucked her good & hard until she felt him explode inside her.

After washing each other in the shower for half an hour or so he carried her to the bed & lay her on her stomach. Mark lowered himself onto her and playfully used his now erect cock to gently prod and poke all around her pussy. After awhile Mark eased his rock hard 8″ cock into the very snug fitting pussy lying below him. As he entered her from behind Mark bought one hand around to hers & the other to her now very sensitive clit. As he moved in & out of her he bought her to orgasm again with his fingers just as he let his juices flow inside her – their bodies tightening together.

After a brief sleep Mark woke to find Tina’s pussy in his face and her mouth on his cock. Her hot mouth felt so good as it slid over his shaft & her tongue circled his head. He nuzzled his face into her mound bahis şirketleri and licked her well used pussy all over, especially concentrating on her throbbing clit, what was truly amazing was how quickly Tina was oozing out copious amounts of smoo juice. He bought her to orgasm just as he exploded into her mouth letting her swallow his load.

The next morning Tina was dressed & ready to go before Mark was even awake. When he tried to talk to her she didn’t want to discuss anything at all about what had taken place the previous night. They drove in silence for nearly two hours with Tina behind the wheel. Mark decided he had nothing to lose and knowing full well how much Tina had enjoyed the sex with him, he took a chance and ran his fingers over her naked thigh and under her skirt. When she showed no resistance he continued to explore her inner thighs and slowly worked his way closer and closer to her thong clad pussy. It didn’t take long and Tina was happy to spread her legs a considerable amount so that he could have full access to now aroused pussy. Mark slipped aside her thong and inserted one finger into her moist pussy. Tina started to moan and then protest that she would crash the car so Mark took the wheel with one hand and with the other he started massaging her clit. It didn’t take long before Tina was writhing on her seat and getting very close to orgasm. Mark expertly kept one hand on the wheel and the other to bring Tina to a mind-blowing orgasm….

Both Mark and Tina were looking forward to staying at a Motel again at the end of that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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