A Brother’s Love

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Sam and Rachel were like any other brother and sister always having moments when they could not stand each other. This weekend they were slightly upset to say the least that their parents would be going away and leaving them home. Both had plans to go out and have a good time, but their parents forbade them to leave the house.

“No, you cannot go out, how in the world are we to know that you are safe?” Their father scoffed at the mere mention of the idea.

In unison they replied, “But Dad, we are in college now!”

“No but, nothing! You are staying home. It would do you good to learn how to get along better. One day your mother and I won’t be around and it will be only the two of you to look after one another. Now think about that while we are gone.” With that their parents left, giggling like two school kids.

“This isn’t fucking fair Rachel, I wanted to go out tonight.” Sam glared at his sister, then a sweet smile played at the corners of his mouth. He starred at her for moment never realizing just how sexy his sister was. Standing there in a pair of shorts from last summer accentuating her firm rounded buttocks peeking out the rim of her shorts. Her cut off T-shirt showing cleavage he had not noticed before, the swell of her bosom visible, hardened nips showing through the white worn material. Her flushing face made her glow, she always did look good angry.

With a chuckle he started to walk away, “What you grinning at smart ass? I got to stay home too.” She stomped her foot making her bosoms jiggle causing more friction against her nipples. Sam felt his groin start to twitch, as her luscious body in the fit of anger; he could only imagine what a wild sex kitten she would be.

Sam had been watching his sister masturbate for over a year now, standing quietly while she furiously fingered her clit. All the while stroking his pulsating rod, when she reached her orgasm arching her back, thighs clenching her hand he would shoot his wad all over the floor. There was something magical in the way she pleased herself, he wanted so desperately to walk in, slide between her legs and lick her clean.

Fighting bostancı escort these urges for weeks now he pondered if maybe, just maybe this weekend he would give her the treat of her life. And maybe he would see just how far she would let him go. He knew his massive meat would stretch her tight little cunt giving him added pleasure.

They kept apart most of the day, not speaking to one another, Sam lost in his own mind planning out the evening.

Rachel couldn’t wait for Sam to finally go to bed so she could shower and please herself; she knew he had been watching it excited her knowing he was jerking off watching HER. She smiled, knowing tonight she would give him the show of his life.

Rachel was wrapped in a towel on her way to shower when she saw Sam, “Hey sis I am headed to bed now. Talk to you in the morning.”

“Ok, talk at ya later,” she smiled knowing there would be a lot of talking. Rachel decided she would tease him, yell out his name, fantasize it was Sam pleasing her hungry little pussy. She hoped he would lose control making known how hard she made him; excited about her plan she hurried to shower so the show would start.

Sam heard the bathroom door open, footsteps down the hall, which meant Rachel was already in her room. It would not be long now before he would taste that sweet juice on his lips and make her beg for his big rod deep inside her tightness. He had been trying not to touch himself for nearly forty minutes while she made herself ready for bed, and it was getting harder with the thoughts of her naughty little hands strumming her pretty pussy running through his mind.

Rachel had made herself ready, leaving the covers off exposing her nude body, something she had never done before. But she thought they both needed a treat tonight since they were stuck in the house. Looking over to make sure the door was cracked open just a little more than usual; she turned her bedside lamp on dim casting a soft amber glow off of her skin.

Closing her eyes she began to let her hands roam her body tweaking her tight nipples, rolling them gently between fatih escort her fingers. She concentrated on the sounds around her to make sure he was there. Not to be disappointed she heard him softly sneak to the door, causing her to smile. Thus the teasing game started no holds barred.

Sam leaned back so she could not see him; opening the fly of his boxers he began stroking his aching tool. There she was, my God what a full beautiful body he thought. Her hands rubbing her taunt nipples, pulling them from time to time, but tonight she was moaning slightly sucking in a deep breath, this was making him nuts already. That is when he heard her speak as her fingers found her swollen clit, “Ohh Sam, that’s it, right there, big brother show your baby sister what pleasure is all about.”

Sam was frozen for a second, man she is fantasizing about me? Her moans and murmurs became louder, her hand moving faster until he could not take it anymore. She was so lost in her pleasure she did not realize he was in the room.

Sam crawled between her legs, staring into her eyes as she looked down at him, removing her hand from the pinkest pussy he had ever seen, “Lick your fingers Rachel, taste how wonderful you are.”

He moaned as she slowly slid her fingers deep into her mouth languishing on the taste. Opening her smooth shaved flower her began to nibble on her engorged clit, slowly lapping his way down to her honey hole. Sliding his tongue deep inside his sisters hot velvet center made him heady with lust.

Rachel grabbed his head pushing it deep into her hot wet twat yelling, ” Oh Yes, yes Sam, eat me, eat me good. Make me come on your wonderful tongue.”

Sam got up on his knees bound to tease this vixen of a little bitch for talking to him like that. Although he loved to hear women talk dirty it sounded more like she knew this was going to happen, so now he had to show her who was boss. With her legs open wide he pulled two pillows and shoved them under her low back. This left her open to him, every hole as his whim. Sticking two fingers deep into her dripping cunt, his thumb rubbing her clit bağcılar escort she started to writhe against him, making him smile.

He removed his fingers replacing it with the thumb that was teasing her clit; his lips began sucking at the now purple pebble as she begged him not to stop. She was close to reaching her orgasm, he took his index finger still sticky wet with her juice and lubed her little rosebud anus, sliding it deep inside as she started to climax screaming out. He was furiously pumping in and out sucking hard on her clit as she went wild on the bed pulling and tugging at her own nipples. Her hips wildly bucking against him as she screamed yes repeatedly.

Quickly he pulled his fingers out while she was still deep in her passions embrace, placing his now visibly throbbing cock at her dripping entrance thrusting deep inside her hot tight pussy. “Oh mother fuck me Rachel, you feel so damned good. You are the tightest I ever felt in my life. Now ride me baby girl, ride me hard.” He leaned back so he was flat on his back while she was sitting on top. His hands spanned her hips pulling her down on his thick shaft.

Rachel was shocked at his size, and the fact it felt at first like he split her in two until her muscles contracted around him in a spasm of pleasure. She began moving slowly up and down on his big shaft when he spoke, “Now, show me how you play with your nipples each night. I want to watch you.” She shook her head no, he took one of his fingers and caressed her clit until she obeyed like a good little girl. “That’s it Rachel show your big brother what turns your hot little pussy on. You like what I am doing to you don’t you?” Rachel couldn’t speak as another wave of orgasm over took her body, arching her back, muscles contracting hard against his throbbing beast buried to the hilt inside of her.

Sam felt her muscles tighten, sending him into the most mind-blowing orgasm he had ever felt. Since Rachel was lost in her own world of pleasure he grabbed her hips roughly thrusting upward several times expelling his jism packed balls into her milking honey pot.

Soon she collapsed on his chest, he was still buried deep inside of her, he ran his hand up and down her back stopping to grab both her rounded cheeks pulling her one more time against him. He heard her satisfied moan, thinking to himself this is going to be one hell of a weekend, hoping their parents would leave more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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