A Billionaire’s Life Ch. 04

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— CHAPTER 4: The Houseguest —



Rebecca counted repetitions, “Five… six, come on… seven…”

I groaned and took the next step, feeling burn throughout my body.

“Don’t cheat, John! Lower.”

“Urgh!!!” I grunted and kept going.

“Eighteen… nineteen… twenty! Break.”

I opened my hands, dropping the weights onto the floor and knelt, my back hunching forward as I wheezed. “I’m… I’m going to kill you…”

“John, you’re not going to kill me,” Rebecca said knowingly.

“I’m…” I panted. “I’m going to kick you out of the house…”

“Hey!” Rebecca exclaimed. “Just for that, I should make you do twenty more!”

I HATED lunges. She KNEW I hated lunges, which was probably why she’d already made me do so many in the first place. Plus, doing so many AFTER attacking the rowing machine just about gave me a heart attack.

I gasped for air and Rebecca came around with a bottle of Gatorade. “You’re a sadist,” I croaked.

“You’re out of shape. Too much partying the past month or so. And don’t even get me started on that stupid cocaine stunt you pulled. You KNOW that shit isn’t healthy for you.”

I rolled my eyes up to her. “I think you’re just pissed I haven’t fucked you in weeks.” After Giorgio’s party, I’d been taking extra care to pay attention to Taylor and remind her how much I loved her. With so much of my focus on my wife, I hadn’t been paying much attention to the other women in the house.

“Damn straight I am!” She put her fists on her hips and glared at me.

I started grinning as I saw the hard dents of her nipples poking through the bosomy brunette’s sports bra. Rebecca caught the look and said coldly, “Still in a good mood? I think I WILL make you do twenty more lunges. With heavier weights!”

“Mercy! Mercy!” I pleaded. “Two orgasms. C’mon. I’ll eat you right now.”

“Fuck eating me. Mia eats me every night. I need some hard thrusting, John.”

I groaned and hung my head. “You should have thought of that before you killed off my ab muscles.”


“Oh, yes! Fuck! Fuck! Harder! Come on! Pound me! YEEEESSSS!!!”

Rebecca tightened her grip on the barbell, still locked into its rack above her. With her eyes squeezed shut, her head was shaking and her dark ponytail wriggled like a snake behind her. I watched her arm muscles flexing as she raised her torso off the bench and tightened her legs around my hips. And as her second orgasm coursed through her body, she bucked her hips at my crotch repeatedly.

I had to fight to hold my own orgasm at bay. And just when I thought I’d have to let go of my personal trainer’s hips and pry her legs off me, she relaxed her grip and I pulled my cock out just in time to begin ejecting wave after wave of cum all over the front of her body, the furthest jets splattering her impossibly round tits and the rest trailing lower across her rippled abs and finally right on top of her pussy.

When I was done, I was breathing as hard as if I’d done another hundred lunges, my hands on my knees as I hunched over and panted for air.

Rebecca just relaxed against the bench, scooping my jism off her tits and licking her fingers. “Mmm… I needed that…”

A knock sounded at the glass door and I turned to see Kate waltz in, wearing nothing but a sports bra and cotton shorts. Her pretty face was free of any makeup, and her platinum blonde hair was pulled back into a short ponytail, the dark roots of her natural hair starting to show more obviously. Overall, she wasn’t making any effort to look sexy, but I couldn’t help but appreciate her beauty.

Plus, Kate had a DYNAMITE ass.

“Are you two FINALLY done? I’ve been waiting a half-hour to start my workout,” Kate stuck her tongue out at me.

Rebecca, still in the afterglow of orgasm, said dreamily, “You could’ve come in a half-hour ago. I wouldn’t have minded…”


Five minutes later, Rebecca and I were in the locker room taking a shower to clean up. We didn’t have the full spray on, but there was still plenty of water massaging us from all angles.

Rebecca paused from shampooing her hair to turn and look at me. My eyes yo- yoed down to her naked breasts for a moment before I returned my gaze to her face. “So how come you haven’t slept with Kate yet?”

I rolled my eyes and turned to get more soap into my hands. “Contrary to popular belief, I don’t screw every pretty woman I meet.”

“Well… ALMOST every pretty woman,” Rebecca reasoned. “And especially a pretty woman living right under your roof who REALLY wants to crawl inside your pants. I see the way she looks at you.”

I looked away as if mentally trying to avoid the thought. But my traitorous cock began to stir, something Rebecca didn’t fail to notice.

Suddenly, Rebecca was standing right in front of me and well within my personal space. Her soapy hands came up and she began to rub my chest with her left while her right slid around my dick. “Well… *something* certainly WANTS to.”

“Yeah, it’s got a mind of its own,” I admitted. “But it’s complicated.”

“She told me. I illegal bahis mean, Taylor told me.” Rebecca dropped the sultry voice and just spoke plainly. “I know the idea of a woman sleeping with you out of obligation is a big turn-off for you.”

“It is,” I replied. And Rebecca frowned as I started to go soft in her hand.

“But what about good old-fashioned attraction? Don’t you think she’s pretty?”

I took a step back and pulled free of my trainer’s grasp. “Are you trying to get me to sleep with Kate?”

“Well, no… not exactly,” Rebecca waffled.

I just looked at her sternly.

“It’s just, we’ve gotten to talking, okay? Yeah, Kate has this messed up idea of living her life from boyfriend to boyfriend, being a ‘kept mistress’ as she puts it, until she can romance a man into making her a trophy wife. She’s got a big self- esteem problem in that she thinks that’s all her life is worth. She’s broke, she’s always starving, and she’s horny. And you’re NOT helping.”


“How do think it must feel to be the only woman in this household you won’t sleep with?” Rebecca asked point blank.

“Well… not the ONLY woman…” I hedged.

“Great, you’re going to lump Kate in with Dorothy and the staff?” Rebecca glared at me. “Modeling is a competitive world from what I can see and that poor girl’s sense of status is all fucked up right now. She’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met, but she’s convinced she’s an ugly, fat, chestless cow.”


Rebecca sighed and collected herself, the only sounds coming from the sprays insistently pelting us with water. “Computer, water off.”

The speaker system chirped a confirmation. A moment later all the shower sprays ceased and we were plunged into silence.

Rebecca started speaking again. “Kate’s probably in the top percent of beautiful women in this world, but compared to her peers, she hasn’t measured up. She’s lost her modeling contract and the man who paid for her lifestyle, without finding anyone else. And on top of all that, now she’s the one woman in this house who can’t get you to sleep with her.”

“I’m not a benchmark for attractiveness in this house, Rebecca.”

“You are if you’re the odd one out.”

“So what? You’re telling me to sleep with her so she doesn’t feel left out?”

“No,” Rebecca looked at me with her dark eyes mournfully. “But sometimes a girl just needs to get laid to feel like an attractive woman.”


I reclined on my favorite chair in what had been dubbed “The Common Room” by the girls. At the far end of the guest wing was a small living room with couches and a TV. It was ideal should a guest want to relax somewhere other than their bedroom, but not come out into the main area of the house.

Other than the Underground Bar by the pool, the Common Room was Rebecca’s and Mia’s favorite place to chill out and unwind. Whenever Kaitlyn and Jeff visited, they also hung out in the area. And purely from social gravitation, Charlotte and Taylor could be found in the Common Room, chatting with the other girls quite frequently.

There was also an unspoken understanding concerning my presence in the Common Room: if I was there, then I was available and interested in some company. Like today, I was feeling a bit horny, but Cassandra was off organizing something and Taylor had a shoot.

Of course, me being available and interested didn’t necessarily mean anything was going to happen. None of our guests were obligated to me in any way. Sexual encounters had to be of mutual interest.

On the other hand, Taylor and Cassandra were always my priorities, so the other women in the house didn’t get me as much as they may have liked, especially Mia. In the past week, Mia had taken a cue from Rebecca and moved in with us as a renter. That made me the most convenient dick and she simply couldn’t get enough.

And so I sat in the Common Room, waiting for one of the girls to stop by and start up their little seduction games. The modest part of me didn’t want to assume any certainty that I was going to get laid today, but the egotist in me was sure SOMEONE would come along shortly. Even if not Rebecca or Mia, Charlotte frequently stopped by to submit herself.

Sure enough, the sound of high heels on the floor got my attention and I looked up from my magazine in eager anticipation, expecting Mia since Rebecca wasn’t a fan of heels and I knew Charlotte would be with Taylor. But to my surprise, a beautiful platinum blonde strutted into the room.

“Oh, hey Kate,” I tried to say casually. But my mind was on sex and I couldn’t help but ogle the willowy blonde. She was wearing a sheer outfit that screamed sexiness, complete with skyscraper heels and stockings. Her makeup was elaborate and designed for seduction. And she’d recently redone her hair, erasing the darker roots with her platinum dye job and getting it cut into a short and sleek hairdo. My eyes warred with me to focus on her face and I stammered, “You back already? How’d it go at the agency?”

I knew Kate hadn’t dressed up just for me. Taylor had organized an interview for Kate at her illegal bahis siteleri own modeling agency.

Kate gave me a funny look, as if she knew what I was thinking. With effortless grace, she turned and sank down onto a chair nearby to me. “It went well, I hope. I was poised and I answered all their questions intelligently. But the fact has always been that while I’m pretty, I’ve never been pretty *enough* to be a top model.”

Kate sighed forlornly and looked at the floor. “They might give me a short-term contract; but to be honest, I think it’s just to keep Taylor happy. They don’t actually want me. Story of my life.”

“Kate, don’t go there again.”

She managed a weary smile. “What, getting bored of my depressing attitude?”

“Things will get better,” I tried to say reassuringly.

She just waved me off. “It’s okay. I know it’s not sexy to be depressed. I’ll never get another boyfriend if I’ve got this attitude around them.”

Kate took a deep breath and sat up straight, then turned to face me with a fresh smile on her face. I recognized the pose, with the canted head, exposed neckline, and sultry expression. Taylor used it on me often enough. “So, how are you doing, Johnny?”

I managed a wry grin and let us start over, the previous conversation forgotten. “I’m doing well, Kate.”

“Can’t be too well. You ARE still in the Common Room,” she leered at me, her dark eyebrows and heavy eyeliner making her gaze even more piercing.

“Huh?” I arched an eyebrow.

“The girls told me the unwritten meaning of you sitting there. And since you’re still sitting there, then you must be horny and have not yet found relief.”

“What? Can’t a man just relax and read a magazine in his own home?” I protested.

“Not in this room you don’t. When you walk into this room you’re expecting to get laid.

“Now, now. I have no expectations of anyone in this house, save for maybe my wife.”

“Riiight…” Kate husked. Then she leaned forward and put her hand on my leg. “So, Johnny… Master of the House… would you like me to fulfill your needs?”

Her question sounded so much like asking to “serve” me, like Brittany had used the word. And that thought immediately brought to mind Kate’s sense of obligatory sex in exchange for housing and efforts to help her out. I frowned and my brow furrowed, “Kate, you KNOW I don’t want you to feel obligated.”

Kate pulled her hand away and sat up, apparently realizing her attempt to be seductive had backfired. “I don’t, John.”

Her use of my name instead of the Taylor-inspired playful “Johnny” got my attention.

Kate sighed and then leaned forward, placing her hand on my knee again. “John, I get that now. Just like Rebecca and Mia aren’t obligated. But at least they still GET to have sex with you,” she pleaded with her eyes.

“So forget obligations, John. Just look at me.” Kate canted her head and adopted her seductive pose once again. “Tell me… aren’t I fuckable?”

My mind immediately flashed to Kate’s previous use of the term. Then, the word had carried a serious undercurrent of meaning. She hadn’t been asking me if I thought her sexually attractive; she’d been asking if I wanted her as my mistress. But this time, as she arched her neck and lightly ran her fingers down the upper slopes of her chest and down towards her cleavage, I detected no hidden meaning.

The image of me and the lithe and beautiful Kate twisted up in bedsheets popped into mind and involuntarily I took a deep breath with mild excitement. My eyes were on her body for a long few moments before I flicked my gaze back up to hers. “Yes, Kate. You’re very attractive,” I admitted.

I sighed. “But why would you want to sleep with me if not for some personal gain?”

“Do you know why Rebecca and Mia sleep with you?” She asked sweetly.

I shrugged.

“Because you’re supposed to be a fucking GOD in bed,” Kate answered huskily, her breathing speeding up as well. “We models talk…”

Before I could answer, I heard new footsteps coming from the hallway and then Mia squealed, “John’s in the Common Room!”

But as the pretty Chinese girl came into the room, she saw the blonde sitting beside me, dressed to the nines. Mia practically skidded to a halt. “Oh, sorry Kate.” Mia glanced back and forth between me and her and at Kate’s hand still on my knee.

Something dawned on Mia and then she looked at the two of us closely. And then Mia turned to face me. “Wait… I thought Kate was off-limits or something?”

“What? Why?” I couldn’t help asking.

Mia shrugged. “I don’t know. Because you haven’t yet? Perhaps because she’s Taylor’s friend?”

“Am I?” Kate quickly asked, referring to the off-limits question. She turned to me. “Is that why you won’t touch me?”

“No, no,” I waved them off. We’d been at the party and Taylor had explicitly excluded Ashlyn, but made no mention of Kate. Indeed, when Kate ran off to try and seduce herself a rich patron, I was about a minute away from bending her over and taking her. “Taylor never made you off-limits.”

“Oh, so it’s just because you don’t canlı bahis siteleri see me as fuckable, then,” Kate said dejectedly.

My heart sank and my conversation with Rebecca came to mind. I hated to see Kate sad, hated to feel like I was further damaging her self-esteem, and I leaned forward, brushing my hand against her cheek. “Kate, you’re beautiful and so sexy…” I let my eyes obviously trail down her body.

Kate’s eyes brightened hopefully.

“So…” Mia shifted her weight, jutting her hips out as she leaned down and braced her hand on Kate’s chair. A saucy grin crossed her face and her tongue snaked out across her lower lip. “What do you think, Kate? Should we show him what we were doing last night?”

Kate wasn’t expecting to hear that comment. She jerked her hand away from my knee and started blushing furiously. No amount of makeup could have covered the rosy pink coming up her neck.

“Don’t be bashful,” Mia teased, her Hong Kong British accent getting thicker the more excited she became. “What, do you think he’s not used to bisexual women?”

Kate just seemed embarrassed that Mia admitted they’d been having sex so boldly.

The Chinese girl turned to me. “Kate has the most wicked tongue. I’ll bet she could give you a blowjob that would turn your testicles inside out.”

I arched an eyebrow. “That’s not exactly the kind of image I want in my head, Mia.”

Mia held her hands out to both of us. “Trust me. It FEELS much better than you’d think.”

Kate immediately took Mia’s hand and then wide-eyed, she looked to me with endless hope and longing on her face. Dolled up, with the heels and the outfit and the elaborate makeup, her appearance was quite boner inducing. But the desire in her eyes made her practically irresistible.

“Please John,” Kate was on the verge of tears. “Make me feel like a fuckable woman.”

I reached up and took Mia’s other hand.


There was no question who was in charge. Despite my status as master and owner of the house, the slender 22-year-old Chinese girl pushed me around like a rag doll and then flung me onto her bed. And then Kate was shrieking as Mia similarly grabbed and then tossed the platinum blonde at me.

I landed on my back and then Kate hit the bed on top of me, her knee coming perilously close to my crotch as she landed. But then the willowy blonde needed no further prodding before she bent her head and pressed her lips to my face.

I felt a surge of adrenaline coursing through me as Kate kissed me. She had a fresh and yet spicy taste that I hadn’t been expecting, but still excited me all the same. My latent attraction for her melded with the thrill of a new playmate, and soon all rational thought beyond the next few minutes ceased to function in my brain. I wrapped up Kate’s head and shoulders in my arms, pulling her to me tightly as we continued to kiss fiercely.

Our passion was interrupted only when Mia rejoined the fray, her hand sliding up between Kate’s legs in a way that surprised the blonde and forced Kate to jerk her head up and squeal.

Mia simply giggled as she left a finger inside Kate’s pussy and grabbed onto the opposite hip, rolling the slender model off me and onto her back. Then Mia reached in and began to unfasten Kate’s skirt.

Meanwhile, I had not yet had my fill of Kate’s spicy lips. I craned my head around, cupping her cheek in my palm as I turned her head to me. And then once again Kate’s dark eyes looked at me with undisguised hunger as our mouths and tongues came together.

While I was frenching Kate, Mia had tugged the skirt off, finally pulling it over Kate’s heels and dropping the material to the floor. The panties were pulled over the garter straps and stockings. And then with typical Mia eagerness, she dove into Kate’s bare-shaven crotch and began to happily slurp away.

Kate moaned even harder and clutched my head to hers, slobbering all over me with lustful kisses.

I simply CRAVED to see and feel her tits now, and without breaking our liplock, I fumbled my hands towards Kate’s chest, feeling my way to the buttons on her blouse. The top three were already undone, no doubt for her interview; and I made quick work of the others. And while the hot blonde moaned into my mouth, my hand passed over her chest and palmed her boobs while my fingers walked down her cleavage until I could feel for a potential front clasp to her bra.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a front-clasp. Kate figured out the problem, and after sighing in a fit of pique, she pushed Mia’s head away, rolled over, and then stood up next to the bed.

Nonplussed, Mia recovered quickly then moved over and started stripping off my lounge pants, eager to free my cock, which was iron hard and just as eager to be freed.

Meanwhile, Kate arched an eyebrow and gave me a saucy grin as she stood up and ran both hands through her hair. Then, she spread her feet apart a few extra inches so that I could see the wonderful tone of her long legs, shown off by the black garters and stockings. The pose also gave me a nice view of her bare crotch, puffy pink pussy lips already spreading and glistening with moisture. She rolled her shoulders back, slowly dragging the blouse down her arms until it fell in a heap behind her. And then she folded her arms behind her to reach the back clasp to her push-up bra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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