A Bachelorette’s Last Wild Ride

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“I love you.”

“I know. I love you too.”

I lay in bed with my soon to be husband, Rob, after I had just finished telling him about my little secret fantasy, and my inexplicable urge to want to carry it out. We usually tell each other our sexual fantasies and certain ones we end up acting out; but this one was a little different.

It was still almost a month until the wedding, we had both decided three months ago to abstain from sex until the wedding night; we wanted to build up our physical lust, our hunger, our need for each other so that our first night together as husband and wife would be spent insatiably satisfying each others pent up physical desires.

That is part of the reason this particular fantasy was different than usual, and the fact that he accepted my request to carry it out somewhat astonishing. We spent the better part of the night discussing plans. My bachelorette party was the following weekend and we had to have everything ready by then. My sister had to let in on this lurid fantasy of mine; after all she was the Maid of Honor, and the party was being thrown at her house. Of course, she demanded a price that I had reluctantly agreed to.

* * *

The day had finally arrived and all the party guests were present. We spent the first hour with me opening gifts, talking about the upcoming nuptials and honeymoon and of course drinking lots of alcohol. There was only one thing left to arrive and it showed up shortly after the last of the gifts had been opened, which had been a strap on harness with a thick 8in dildo. “For when the new hubby gets out of line.” My baby sister, Anna, said about her gag gift.

At the knock at the door my sister and my best friend, Stacy, who was also my other bride’s maid, opened the door to let in the stripper. His 6’4″, medium muscular frame walked into the living room where the revel of women started to get rowdier as they laid eyes on the tall stranger. At my request, our entertainment for the evening was dressed as a cowboy. His tight t-shirt under his vest showed off his toned muscles. His gun holster failed to hold a gun, but the only gun any of us were interested in him slinging around here was the one bulging out the front of his extra tight blue jeans. I made sure to request them extra tight. His cowboy hat mostly hid his gorgeous green eyes, the only thing visible of his upper face behind his black mask. Yes, I requested the mask too; I wanted this encounter to be as mysterious as possible.

At the eager prompting of the small crowd of party guests, our cowboy began to dance around the room and with every girl he shared a short bump and grind with, he lost a piece of clothing. First went his vest, with my friend Val, his hat was taken by Carla, his shirt came off while Amanda slowly licked her way up his abs and chest, and a boot each came off with Sandy and Mandy. Finally he made his way over to the sofa where Anna, Stacy and I had been sitting. Standing directly in front of me he began undoing the button to his jeans, and then slowly started to unzip them until the fabric gave enough slack to release him. I was suddenly staring down the barrel of a loaded gun, a very thick and long gun. It was beautiful. Then from my left, a mass of blond hair filled my view, as Sandy took it upon herself to gobble my cowboy’s shaft to the root.

“You Slut!” Anna accused as she pulled Sandy off illegal bahis the immense organ. “You’re just a bride’s maid. Bree gets first dibs on the cock, she’s the bride, you know better than that.”

Stacy giggled her apology, “Sorry. It just looked so yummy.”

“Is it?”

“Oh so yummy.”

“So how about it Sis? Want to suck the last cock you’ll ever suck before you get married?”

I wanted to, oh how I wanted to, but I still had to at least feign reluctance to accepting this large slab of man meat, that wasn’t my fiancé’s, into my mouth.

“Well, I don’t know. I mean I am getting married in a couple weeks. It just wouldn’t be right for me to…”

“Oh come on darlin’.” My cowboy interrupted, “It’s not like any body here is gonna tell your hubby. Besides, you haven’t taken your eyes off my cock since it fell out of my pants. We all know you’ll do it.” He taunted and finished taking his pants off the rest of the way, revealing his balls and showing that he was shaved smooth.

“I still shouldn’t.” I protested.

“You should.” Was his response as he put a hand at the back of my head to pull me closer.

“I’m getting married.” I again made a half-hearted attempt to stop what was happening, while at the same time my hands reached around to grab onto his tight ass cheeks pulling him towards me.

“All the brides do me.”

“They all suck you?”

“And fuck me.”

“Not all of them. I won’t.”

“You will.”

“I… mmpffh… gwaff.” Was my final protest as my mouth was filled with his delicious fuck meat. Sandy was right; it was oh so yummy.

I enjoyed the next minute or so having my mouth filled over and over again with the soft but firm flesh of his pole. I almost forgot anyone else was even in the room when Anna grabbed him at his base and robbed my still sucking mouth of his shaft. I whimpered at the thievery.

“Time for my payment big sister.” And with that said, Anna engulfed his tool deep down her throat.

We all watched as the guests cheered my baby sister on as she bobbed her head up and down the cowboy’s schlong. During the time I was making my own feast of him, Anna had pulled off her top and hiked her skirt up around her waist so she had easy access to finger her pussy. Soon my sister was swallowing mouthfuls of thick cum.

“No fair! How come she gets to suck him off and I don’t?” Stacy pouted.

“I told you, because you’re just a bride’s maid.” Anna answered, pulling off the big dick with excess cum and spit running down her chin and the now glistening and still semi-hard shaft. “I’m the maid of honor. I have to get this stud ready to fuck the bride by ensuring he’ll last long enough. Your job is to suck him back to full hardness.”

Stacy took to her new task with vigor. While Anna met her lips with mine, sharing the remnants of cum in her mouth with me. Then she began lifting up my top until she had it over my head, followed by my skirt. I did nothing to stop her. I now sat naked on the couch with my sister suckling at my nipples and her hand between my legs, and a naked stripper getting his cock sucked by my best friend; all of us being cheered on by the small group of women who made up my party guests.

Anna pulled away from me and had to work hard to pull Stacy off the cowboy’s cattle prod. She grabbed him, her fingers not even meeting around his fully engorged illegal bahis siteleri fuck stick, and pulled him between my open legs.

“Come on stud, it’s time for you to breed the bride. Isn’t that right my slut of a sister?”

“I’m not a slut. OOOOHHHH!!” I screamed as he buried himself inside me in one stroke and I came immediately. My hungry cunt grasped and stretched to welcome the first piece of fuck meat it’s been fed in months, since Rob and I had made our abstinence pact for the wedding, and it wanted more.

“No, you’re not a slut at all.” Anna sneered.

“What about me? Don’t I get a chance at some fresh cum?” Stacy pouted.

“If it’s cum you’re after…” Growled my cowboy, “Then I suggest you do your duty as bride’s maid and offer service to the maid of honor.” He then grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face between Anna’s legs, smearing her face with my sister’s freely flowing sauce.

“Ummmmm. I love the way you think mister.” Anna secured Stacy’s face where it was, placing her hands behind Stacy’s head; wet slurping sounds soon followed.

With Stacy’s mouth permanently occupied now, my masked stud turned his attention back to me. His lips came to mine and his tongue filled my mouth almost as well as his thrusting cock filled my pussy. God it was so good. I moaned in protest when he pulled out of my clasping sheath, but once he flipped me over and bent me over the back of the couch the empty feeling between my legs was soon forgotten. He could thrust even deeper in this position and my pleasure just kept soaring.

“Oh! God! Yes! Keep going! More! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK! ME!”

So much pleasure. I must have cum at least three times in rapid succession as his thick flesh plowed into me over and over, maybe more. I couldn’t be sure if it was his cock, his style, the situation, or the fact I haven’t been fucked in months, but I just couldn’t seem to stop screaming from the pleasure this beautiful man was giving me. It was only moments later that I realized we weren’t on the sofa anymore. We were standing, well he was standing; I was being held up mostly by his cock, while he held onto my arms, keeping me almost horizontal to the floor.

In front of us, on the wall some feet away, was a full-length mirror. I was staring at myself getting the fuck of my life. Both of us covered in a glistening sheen of fuck sweat. My breasts bouncing each time my real, live fuck doll pulled me up and down his length in time with each of his powerful thrusts. My cum flowed like a river out of my over stuffed honey pot, covering his entire pelvis and balls and running down his thighs. We looked like two rutting animals. We looked like sex incarnate. We looked magnificent.

I looked at him in the mirror, looked into his lust filled green eyes. It was then I knew why I had wanted to carry out this fantasy of mine. In that moment, in front of all of my friends, I was exposing just how much of a slut I could be. That I’m willing to purchase the services of a strange man and let him fuck me to my heart’s content, only weeks away from being married. That I could use him to sate my own sexual needs and desires. To them I wasn’t just a slut; I was their queen, sitting impaled upon my throne of cock. I then too realized why my husband-to-be agreed to let me live out this fantasy. He wanted them to know, for me know, that I was his canlı bahis siteleri slut, his queen too. That no other woman would be able to satisfy him the way that I can, and no other man would ever satisfy me the way he does.

Then I came. Oh god how I came. I could hear my juices splashing against his body as it gushed out of my spazzing cunt, even over my screams of pure rapture. My vision went white and the only thing I was aware of was the giant schlong constantly pistoning in and out of my poor ravaged pussy, begging entrance to my womb. When my senses returned to me, I found myself lying on the couch underneath a grunting, sweating man. He came, filling my womb with so much of his baby batter that it was overflowing out of my cunt and onto the cushions below. I shuddered with another orgasm, small though it was; it was all that my exhausted body could muster at this point. I blacked out.

I came too a few minutes later just in time to watch my lover walk out the door with what looked like dollar bills stuffed down into his jeans, no doubt my friends used the excuse to cop a good feel of his bare manhood. His shirt seemingly gone, I later discovered it had been passed around as a fuck rag as each woman bunched it up into a ball and hunched each of their desperate snatches against it until they soaked it through with their love juice. The closest any of my subjects would come to fucking my cowboy.

* * *

That night I lay cuddled up and naked in bed with Rob as we discussed my bachelorette party.

“So did you have fun?” He asked.

“Uh huh. The girls all gave me good gifts, and we got real drunk.”

“And was the stripper any good?”

I blushed. “You want to know about the stripper?”

“Don’t see why not.”

“Well… he wasn’t that great a dancer.”

He laughed, “He couldn’t have been that bad. What else?”

“He also had a beeeeg cock. The biggest I’ve ever had.”

He smiled at that, grabbed me by the ass and pulled me against him. “Is that so?” I looked up at him and met his smile with one of my own; the lust in his green eyes evident. His cock hardening against my stomach sent thrills through me, remembering its performance earlier in the day. I grabbed hold of it and lovingly began stroking it.

“Well, maybe you’re as big as him. It’s been so long since I’ve had you I might have forgotten how well you fill me.” I teased him.

“He make you cum?”

“Oh yeah, lots of times. The best even.”

“Well I’m glad you had a good time fulfilling your fantasy.” He kissed me.

“I’m glad the man that I love let me live it.” I kissed him.

“How could I not give my queen everything she desires?” We kissed again.

Both ready for sleep, I rolled over facing away from Rob and wiggled my ass up against him until his thick slab of man meat was snuggled firmly between my cheeks. Ahhh, just where I liked to have it sit when it wasn’t stuffing me full. Only three more weeks, I thought to myself, and he’ll be using that thing to claim me as his wife forever. Three more weeks before I get to feel that beautiful thing splitting me open again. Why did we make that stupid pact?

Over on the nightstand I saw the mask he wore to hide his face from all the women at my party. Only Anna knew who my stripper really was. A thought entered my mind; I wonder if I could convince Rob to have a sexy anonymous stripper show up at his bachelor party next week. I fell asleep with an evil smile on my face, thinking of ways to have him back inside me before our wedding night, while technically not breaking our pact.

Oh the dreams I had that night…

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